Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

satoshi nakamoto

As Bitcoin continues to enjoy wild fluctuations in value due to its relatively high volatility, the inventor of the cryptocurrency remains a mystery till today. But while the identity of the mythical Satoshi Nakamoto, who wrote a whitepaper describing the cryptocurrency in 2008 remains unconfirmed, the search to unmask the person behind the pseudonym has a very colorful history indeed.

As claimed by the now iconic whitepaper published on networking P2P Foundation, the mysterious Nakamoto lived in Japan and was born in 1975.

Does anyone know who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

When the media believed they had discovered their Satoshi Nakamoto in 2014, he was a computer engineer who resides in Temple City in Los Angeles.And while the Japanese-American man, named Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, strongly disputed he was the shady force behind the infamous digital currency, the plot starts to take another dimension.

Reports soon surfaced that Hal Finney, a computer scientist who was the beneficiary of the first Bitcoin transaction, lived a “few blocks” from the oblivious Nakamoto.

Despite Finney battling ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) a terminal disease which has left him “locked” into his body and was not able to speak or move his muscles, Forbes journalist, Andy Greenberg tried every possible best to interview Finney at his home.

Greenberg says Finney, who seemed amused when the journalist inquired if he knew the seemingly-oblivious Nakamoto, was either the pseudonymous Bitcoin creator or just adopted his neighbor’s name as a moniker.

But that’s not all. Finney was also a close associate of scientist Nick Szabo, a “decentralized currency enthusiast,” who wrote a paper on “bit gold” back in 1998 and was known to love aliases.

Szabo also made the speculation worse in 2011 by claiming that only he, Finney or Wei Dai – creator of Bitcoin Precursor B-Money – could have been responsible for the cryptocurrency.

Is Craig Wright the real Satoshi Nakamoto?

The other popular Nakamoto-suspect is Australian computer scientist and entrepreneur Craig Wright.

But unlike the other top contenders, Wright indeed claims he is Nakamoto and in 2016 presented technical “proof” to the BBC, GQ, and The Economist.

This “proof” consisted of a presentation of the verification process that was applied in the very first Bitcoin trade.

But on its website, The Economist declares “such demonstrations can be stage-managed” and wrote that Wright declined to make the proof public and did not give other assurances.

He took to his blog to post an apology stating that he no longer had the “courage” to go on with the process of confirming his identity.

Afterward, Wright starred in a documentary titled Banking on Bitcoin, produced by Netflix, and once again declared he is Satoshi Nakamoto in what he asserted would be his final filmed interview.

What is Satoshi Nakamoto’s net worth?

If there is indeed someone behind this pseudonym called Nakamoto, he could be the wealthiest person in the world, looking at how much the value of Bitcoin has skyrocketed.

Indeed, $75-worth of the digital coin back in 2010 is now worth more than $9.5million.

It would solely be a subject of how much Bitcoin Nakamoto has in their possession.

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