Which are the best coins for beginners?

For the newcomers in the cryptocurrency world, there is a luxury of choice that can sometimes become overwhelming. For the new entrants, here are some of the best options to help you get used to all things cryptocurrency.

Getting your Currency

Your best choice when starting out are coins that are easy to obtain and access. All of the main digital assets can be purchased on the major exchange platforms like Kraken, Bittrex, and Poloniex as well as with credit/debit card. Bitcoin via the use of Bitcoin ATMs and peer-to-peer trading platforms like Localbitcoins gives the most options.

Securing your Currency

Learning how to keep your holdings safely is a vital aspect of the crypto course and coins that allow a choice of storage options are the best option. In the early days of purchasing and holding digital assets, mobile and desktop wallets provide the best mix of convenience and security. Therefore, look for coins that are supported by these wallets. Examples are the Coinomi mobile wallet, the Bread mobile wallet, and the Exodus desktop client.

Using your Currency

It’s fun to spend, exchange, and transfer cryptocurrencies, so the coins with large communities are usually good options. A digital currency with a vast number of users gives you more opportunity and in theory, can seldom lead to lower transaction costs.

Here are some of the best coins for beginners:


The best place to begin, Bitcoin is the forerunner of all digital assets and gives the most significant options. As of now, no other cryptocurrency can enjoy the same level of infrastructure and support as Bitcoin and newcomers can master the critical foundations of using cryptocurrencies by purchasing, storing and trading Bitcoin.


Another reliable and logical option. Ethereum is another well-established cryptocurrency that gives holders a host of possibilities. The Ethereum platform includes the currency Ether, as well as many applications or Dapps developed on the platform. The Ethereum network also comprises a passionate online community that can help new users master how the platform works quickly.


Dash, an abbreviation for Digital Cash is the cryptocurrency most equipped for mass adoption. The Dash team is working painstakingly to nurture a growing community of users and are also specialists in using marketing to attract interest in their activities. The $10,000 reward recently given to a Dash wallet holder that accurately predicted the result of the Mayweather vs. McGregor was a famous example of this. Dash also lets users get used to making private payments via PrivateSend which is a coin-mixing service based on the Coinjoin principle.

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