What is the Best Online Forex Trading Platform Right Now?

There are a lot of online forex trading platforms that offer top-notch services to their users. However, choosing one of them to count on for a longer period can be quite difficult. Considering how much all kinds of trading have evolved over the past few years, finding a platform that is suitable for your needs and goals is mandatory.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of unprofessional services out there. Thankfully, the high number of honest online reviews can help new traders greatly in this sense. Still, this doesn’t mean that we cannot offer you a look at the best online forex trading platform that is worth taking into account. Here are our picks!


Forex.com Homepage

Forex.com is without a doubt one of the most professional online forex trading platforms out there. It uses the famous MetaTrader 4 platform and it offers users a plethora of educational resources. It also has features that can help both beginner and seasoned traders achieve their goals. Like its parent company, MetaQuotes was one of the first to develop charting and forex trading platforms.

Even if Forex.com is not an automated trading platform, it offers up to 1,700 trading robots. This platform also has the MetaTrader 5 platform. This one is focused more on futures markets and securities. It offers over eighty trading pairs and has a minimum trade size of $1,000.


TraderSpoon Homepage

Tradespoon is the type of online forex trading platform that promotes what it means to trade smart. The nicest thing about them, besides the many tools and assets that are available, is their willingness to mix education with success. Tradespoon provides a large number of educational resources like tutoring.

It also offers traders the latest news and stock prices. Their software is innovative, advanced, quick, and intuitive. It offers users endless opportunities and a video training vault that helps people learn while making money. This is definitely one of our top recommendations.


NinjaTrader Homepage

NinjaTrader is possibly one of the nicest and most successful online forex trading platforms out there. With more than 100 technical indicators and automatic trading options, this should be at the top of your list. The platform also benefits from the help of third-party developers. They have offered users the possibility to explore a large number of helpful resources.

With NinjaTrader is all about automated strategies and a community that counts over 60,000 users. You can also personalize your trading experience and benefit from its unique platform. While it may be still behind the famous MT4 and MT5 ones, it’s still incredibly qualitative. The minimum account on NinjaTrader is $400 and commissions are $0.09 per micro contract.

Besides forex trading, it also offers futures trading for those who are interested. It’s worth noting that NinjaTrader is more suitable for advanced traders who are looking to make money. In case you are a beginner, our next pick might be better for you.

AlphaFXC Trading

AlphaFXC Homepage

AlphaFXC Trading is an online brokerage firm with a highly professional and experienced team behind it whose sole goal is to fulfill the needs of the customers when it comes to trading and investing. The offer of this broker includes more than one thousand CFD and forex tradable assets along with cryptocurrencies and trade commission that is as low as 0.87% and a charge for each position that is as low as 0.82%.

AlphaFXC claims that its offer can satisfy both beginner and seasoned customers because of the trading platforms that have been created so that each individual can use them without issues. The same goes for their six different account types that offer various features and benefits depending on each person’s experience level.

This broker’s final goal is to offer a personalized trading experience to each of its clients so that they can enjoy a fully customized trading activity, learn basic trading skills or develop their old ones, and make money. This broker also has a web-based trading platform as well as a mobile trading app for its clients.


In conclusion, we must say that no matter how hard you look, the best online forex trading platform does not exist. There are ups and downs to each one of them. However, finding that balance and picking a platform that suits your trading style and goals is important. Do not let yourself be fooled by recommendations and do your homework instead. Stay away from visibly sketchy brokers and only pick those that have a clean reputation. This is how you will make money and have fun while doing it.


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