Top 5 Tools for Successful Trading in 2020

Over the past years, cryptocurrency trading has achieved tremendous success. This was facilitated by the use of advanced technologies in the field of software for trading platforms. In 2020, many traders began looking for new software solutions to work in this area to become even more successful.

The first tool that a trader always needs is a trading platform, and we have a wide selection of it nowadays. However, there are several innovative companies that push the boundaries of what is possible in the field of cryptocurrency, offering traders unique products.

  • eToroX

eToroX is a crypto platform and wallet from one of the largest social investment networks eToro. The exchange has a wide range of stable coins, support for various options for withdrawing and depositing funds in fiat, popular coins such as bitcoins, Ethereum or EOS. It also gives its users the opportunity to exchange for Japanese yen, South African rand, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, and various digital coins.

For more experienced traders, eToroX also has excellent graphical and technical analysis tools that are already built into the platform interface.

  • Coinrule

This is a new trading tool that allows crypto enthusiasts to create automated strategies using a unique logical visual editor. Coinrule is designed to prevent losses in the fall, capture the upcoming rally, profit from several coins at the same time. In addition, a quick test of correlation assumptions, a reasonable change in portfolio balance and setting appropriate rules takes only a few seconds.

Coinrule puts an end to the inconvenient and oversaturated user interface that dominates most trading platforms. Their team is trying to develop and add new features for trading every month. Now they are planning to launch the world’s first cryptographic testing environment for retail investors.

  • Kraken Futures

Kraken is one of the most transparent leverage trading platforms, reaching 75x. Moreover, it pays users 30% of their commission for their contribution to the volume of trade and the creation of liquidity.

The platform’s convenient approach for the trader to deposit any liquidated collateral from margin transactions back to user accounts makes Kraken one of the interesting tools for trading crypto futures this year.

  • Messari

Messari data is obtained from reliable sources using accurate and conservative calculation methods. Their news and ideas have created the company a positive reputation in the market.

Not so long ago, Messari raised $ 4 million from leading investors in digital assets such as Coinbase Ventures. The company seeks to create a credit rating agency for the crypto community and will continue to closely monitor its development.

  • The Pit, one of the most well-known digital wallet providers, launched the ultra-fast exchange The Pit last year. This is a new generation exchange, which is specially designed for those who are tired of the slow execution of orders on regular exchanges. To create its own exchange, brought together the best team of TD Ameritrade, Google, Goldman Sachs, and the NYSE. This allowed the use of the best technologies for trading stocks for operations with crypto.

Also, The Pit hosts its servers in one of the most reliable data centers in the world with minimal latency – Equinix LD4.


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