Tools for crypto trading

For both beginners and experienced traders, special trading tools are needed to work with cryptocurrency, which is mainly aimed at optimizing work and fully automating processes. Analytical resources continue to develop, providing crypto investors with tools for successful trading and new functions that will simplify decision-making by choosing the most relevant and profitable data from the rest.


CoinMarketCap continues to be one of the most popular and reliable resources for monitoring the prices, volumes, and capitalization of cryptocurrencies. There you can find all the necessary information for each crypto asset, on which sites it is traded, how many coins are in circulation, prices, history and much more. You can also access statistics on individual exchanges. You can view BTC trading volume on Binance in the last 24 hours or the 50 best trading pairs on Kraken.

The resource is constantly evolving and supplemented by customizable charts for easy tracking and forecasting trends. Numerous real-time data should be one of the first bookmarks of any crypto trader or investor. It also has a mobile version called CoinMarketApp.


Gekko is a free crypto bot from the open-source GitHub web service. He can complete transactions, calculate indicators, collect data in real-time and test trading strategies. It is great for novice crypto users who learn and try different strategies. Despite the fact that its functionality is slightly limited compared to its other competitors, it allows its traders to use arbitrage at minimal risk.

Advantages of Gekko Trading Bot:

  • Calculation of profit and risk indicators
  • Manage and import market data
  • Aggregation of real market data
  • Modeling live markets using historical data
  • Display results in the web interface
  • Calculation of indicators


Coinhills is a popular analytic service with a convenient management algorithm and other useful features. With it, you can view the positions of the main competitors of Bitcoin, rating and monitoring new projects, ICO news and much more.


It’s not difficult to track several cryptocurrencies, but if you have them on a solid portfolio, then it becomes more difficult to do this.

Blockfolio is a mobile application that allows you to follow the rates of hundreds of crypto coins on different exchanges. You can even set an alert when prices change because more than 3000 coins are supported there.


Investy is a trading platform that provides automatic trading on exchanges using advanced blockchain trading algorithms. It gives it is crypto traders access to advanced features for work, such as the possibility of making a profit using a reward system and automatic copying of transactions. All operations take place without direct transfer of assets, through the API of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Investy has such a range of tools like:

  • Personal Data Security
  • Operation on several exchanges in one window
  • Ability to work on both PC and smartphone
  • TradeBattle tool that will help reveal your talents in trading
  • Easy Trade trading terminal with other tools
  • Detailed statistics of Easy Trade dashboard on exchange accounts


Cryptocurrency trading is becoming more popular every year. So every crypto user, regardless of their experience, should always be aware of all the latest developments, especially in such a rapidly developing field as the blockchain industry. We hope that these tools can help you succeed in trading and possibly protect against risks. Good luck trader!


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