The Link Between a Minimalist Lifestyle and Trading

Having a minimalist lifestyle can be successfully extended to your trading and investing habits, even if, for some, this might seem bizarre. Becoming a minimalist means getting rid of all the material things that no longer serve you or which you don’t actually need. It also means leading a simple life with only the necessary things and enjoying what living actually means. When it comes to trading and investing, minimalism is all about having a stripped-down approach and not getting too emotionally invested in your activities. In this article, we will talk about the link between a minimalist lifestyle and trading.

A minimalist lifestyle can also mean minimalist trading

There are certainly a few things that you can do if you want to extend your minimalist daily lifestyle to your trading endeavors. Firstly, you only need to use the most simple price action strategies. Getting rid of your indicators will teach you how to base your activity on the market’s raw price action. The next step from this is to learn how to not overanalyze the markets every day. Instead, try to fit trading in a time slot towards the end of the day, preferably after your regular job.

Your trading setup is also a

n important factor when it comes to having a minimalist approach. The truth is that, regardless of how cool all of those monitors, expensive computers, and fancy desks might look, they are not really mandatory for your trading success. Here is where minimalism comes into play. Having a clean working space helps you get rid of certain greedy tendencies because you won’t have all those expensive things to care for. Remember that you can trade and be successful with just a simple computer. When you finally realize that you don’t need all that equipment, your life will change. This will also help you maintain a clean and neat working space where you can think and breathe and where you can feel relaxed and productive.

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