The website calls itself “the Wikipedia of scams”. This means that they supposedly help prevent online fraud by analyzing and validating websites. This way, visitors know that they are safe to enter their card details and buy from them. The website is split into categories ranging from Amazon and Apple scams to car buying or credit card scams. They claim they know it all!

The sad news is that this online tool is no better than the scams they claim to reveal. The people behind this so-called “world’s number one fraud prevention platform” are scammers themselves. Keep reading to find out more about and how they are trying to obtain money from site owners. Here we go! is not a website validator at all

Firstly, it’s important to mention that these people are not making any type of analysis when claiming that a website is a scam. Instead, they only pick sites at random and hope that the owners will reach out to offer them money. This should happen in return for the destroyed reputation.

In order to validate a website, you only need to enter its address in a field on this platform. How the entire thing works and what it is based on….nobody knows. This search will supposedly reveal whether or not the website you are interested in is a scam or not. Guess what? Most of the time, it will be a scam. This is how the platform is built and this is what it makes money from. homepage

These results are not anchored in reality and they are automatically displayed to scare people off. Also, to make owners reach out to them and get rich. There is no coherent or real analysis or “validation” taking place on

This online tool doesn’t care about people’s opinions

Another thing that should come off as alarming for some is that the platform doesn’t care about people’s opinions. For example, even if clients of various websites are leaving good reviews trying to contradict the negative results of their validation, these reviews will be ignored. Again, this is a strategy to make the site owners send them money. It’s manipulation for profit. They are, however, keeping negative reviews of certain websites or deleting all the reviews entirely.

They are only aiming for profit from site owners

This platform is only aiming for profit from site owners and this is the only goal that they have. They don’t care about helping people discover scams and protect their data because they are displaying fake results.

In case you are a site owner and your reputation has been affected by this sketchy platform, you can contact them. However, once you do, they will ask for money in exchange for the deletion of your site from the scam database. They will also ask for documents through which you need to prove that you really own the said website. The even bigger problem is that even if you complete all of these steps, they will disappear and leave you out in the cold. only cares about getting money from people and nothing else. They will not change the result of the so-called “website validator” and won’t do anything to reveal the real situation.

It’s bad to have a site owner reach out to you to repair the reputation that was falsely destroyed and not be met with any resolution. The only answer is that they simply do not care about the businesses that they are hurting. This tool is only looking to make a profit off the site owners’ backs.

Conclusion of Review

To wrap it all up, is a platform that only tricks visitors into thinking that they have discovered a scam-like website. It provides a false sense of security and it’s extremely dangerous. Certain websites can definitely be harmful to visitors but when this platform categorizes all of them as scams, it’s hard to differentiate. This puts people’s personal data in danger. What’s even worse is the fact that they cannot do anything to stop this. Even website owners are not able to repair the damages done by this platform. They are only asking for money in return for nothing.

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