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Profinacademy is an online trading and investing educational platform that aims to deliver top-notch services and courses to all people who are interested in having a successful career and making money. They call their students the “traders of tomorrow” because these people will supposedly learn how the markets will behave in the future and all about the upcoming trends so they can become experts in a relatively short span of time.

In this review, we will be discussing the offer of Profinacademy in detail and it will be up to you to decide whether or not their courses are right for you. Here we go!

profinacademy review

More about Profinacademy

According to their official website, which looks professional, is quick, and easy to navigate, the team offers a complex type of course that comprises everything you should know about forex, cryptocurrencies, and stocks. All this important information is gathered in one place for their clients to access and learn from easily. Regardless if you are a beginner or have some experience, the Profinacademy goal is to elevate your knowledge and increase your trading stamina in the world of trading and investing.

According to our Profinacademy Review, this big course will help you recognize and seize all opportunities coming your way, become a more independent thinker, control your feelings, and help you make clearer decisions.

About the Profinacademy courses

Profinacademy has one big course that costs €250 and is split into three big modules, as follows:

  • The profin forex module: this one teaches you all you should know about how trading works in the forex market. You will learn technical analysis notions, money and risk management notions, and important terminology;
  • The profin crypto module: this second module will teach students more about how crypto trading and investing works, everything they should know, and how to become successful and not fall into traps;
  • The profin stocks module: this final module teaches you a bit of everything, from forex to crypto, and, finally, stocks trading. You will learn how to recognize trends, how to avoid risks, and how to make money without having big losses.
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Keep in mind that registering on the Profinacademy website is FREE but becoming part of the course requires payment. According to the company, they have trading experts who will guide you through these courses via live Zoom meetings where you are also free to ask any questions you want. Students can also receive recorded sessions in case they want to go through them again.

How to buy the course

The process of buying the Profinacademy course is relatively simple. You will first need to register on the website for free, go to the SHOP section of the website, and purchase the course package. Your purchase will arrive via e-mail and then your registration will be approved by their agents so you can take part in the live Zoom sessions.

Once bought, the course will take place every week, for life. The system will also send students reminders one day and one hour before every session. Recorded sessions are also available through a request.

Other benefits

Another interesting benefit that registered users can have from Profinacademy is access to their Weekly Market Outlook. After subscribing and completing the form on the website, you will receive important pieces of information concerning the state of the market every Monday morning. This benefit is free forever and is separate from the basic courses that the academy offers.

Refund policy

The Profinacademy team is transparent and all the necessary details concerning your data and funds security are clearly displayed in the Privacy Policy section. Clients also have the possibility to ask for a refund in case they are unhappy with their purchase. They must do this within 14 days from the purchase by sending an e-mail to the academy. These clients will receive a refund ticket number and within 3 to 7 business days, they should receive their money back. There must also be a valid and real reason why a client requests a refund.

Clients can also contact Profinacademy via a contact form on the website, a live chat that’s always available, via e-mail, or at their headquarters in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The actual website is also very well done and clear, unlike other similar services that avoid explaining too many things in detail.

Profinacademy Review Summary

All in all, we think that Profinacademy is worth taking a look at in case you are a beginner and are looking to gain some knowledge in forex, crypto, and stock trading. For them, it’s all about turning theory into practice and applying those teachings in the real world, with real money. If you want to know more, take a look at their official website.

Don`t forget, we also have an educational platform that can be used for free.

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