PNT Crypto & Atari Tokens: All You Need to Know

About PNT crypto

The cryptocurrency known as Penta or PNT crypto is used by people within the already-famous Ethereum platform. At the time of writing, PNT is trading for a price of $0.000868.

Its transaction volume within the last 24 hours is $1.395.626 but it has also decreased within the same amount of time with 63.58%. In today’s official crypto ranking, PNT stands at #861 with a market cap of $18.241.318.


PNT crypto also has a circulating source of 21.014.319.521 coins and a maximum source of coins of

The supply of Penta right now is 49,999,999,999.999901 with 21,014,319,520.941002 in circulation. Traders need to know that, at the moment, the most active market for PNT transactions is Huobi Global but there are multiple other exchanges that can help you with this, like ChainX or HitBTC.

About Atari Tokens

Atari Token is yet another type of cryptocurrency that is also based on the Ethereum platform (ERC20), hence the link between those two types of tokens. Atari created this decentralized type of crypto with the clear idea for it to become the main cryptocurrency for people to use for the entertainment industry.

Their long-term plan is to make the Atari Token a universal means of payment and, at the same time, to allow publishers and creators to introduce a new monetization solution for their products.

The Atari Token will have a lot more uses, however, from expanding in-game assets to facilitating smart contracts.

This token needs to be safe, easy to use, universal, liquid, and reliable. ATRI became available for the general public in October, last year.

The main priority for the Atari Token is safety and security. According to the company, transactions using the Atari Token are executed and stored on a distributed ledger. Moreover, slowly allowing other developers to also introduce this token as a means of payment for their games is also a plan of the company.

A great plan for the future with ATRI

Another idea concerning the Atari Token is for it to be listed on as many exchanges and platforms as possible. This way, people will be able to exchange it for other currencies.

The final choice of platforms when it comes to the Atari Token will be made after considering factors like safety, regulations, and transaction volume.

At the moment, there are not that many places where you can buy these tokens from but the company’s plan is to partner with more and more exchanges in the near future.

The current price for ATRI is $0.4121 and going down. Its last 24 hours volume is $761,606, also down, and its market cap is $183,266,276. Its current spot within the cryptocurrency ranking is #300.

It might be interesting for some people to learn that they will be able to use the Atari Tokens within the Atari Casino as a means of payment for games. The standard casino games will be available as well as some innovative and special gambling games that are soon to be revealed.

The Atari ambition

The main idea about casino games is for players to be able to stake tokens against other people. This means that the best player will win the biggest prize. At the moment, you can use the tokens within the Atari Network as a means of payment for services and goods as well as for those of the Atari partners.

It’s also interesting to note that people can buy Atari Tokens in pre-sale with the most popular cryptocurrencies today like Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum. By doing this, you will also receive a voucher depending on how many tokens you’ve bought.

There is also a virtual wallet for the Atari Token that is currently being tested by the team and will be available shortly for Android devices.

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