Man in Singapore Hired Hitman to kill his lover’s new boyfriend and paid the killer with Bitcoin

                                              Image source: Yahoo News Singapore

In Singapore, a married man hired a professional killer on the dark web to kill his former girlfriend’s new lover in a planned car accident. As reported by Yahoo new Singapore, the 47-year-old Allen Vincent Hui Kim Seng hired a hitman on the dark web and paid him with Bitcoin. The deal took place on a website known as “Camorra Hitmen.” However, the hitman and Hui couldn’t make it through as a journalist from the American television network CBS sent the secret warning to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). Hui, a married man with a daughter, “pleaded guilty to one count of abetting murder by instigation in the State Courts on Wednesday (17 July)” reported Yahoo news.

Digging deep into the story, Hui, the risk management executive, and a 30-year-old Malaysian woman, his lover were colleagues in the same company. They started dating on 22 April 2016. She knew that Hui was married but he made her believe that he is leaving his wife soon and continued the affair. He left the company at the end of 2016. However, the affair remained to continue after that. In April 2017, the decision to share a flat and split up the bills equally. The woman thus rented a flat but Hui never moved in with her. In October 2017 she came to know that Hui had no intentions to leave his wife and she started to distance her from him.

She ended the relationship in February 2018, however, decided to stay on talking terms with Hui. He continued to spoil his lover with expensive gifts, paying his part of the rent and even added her name as a beneficiary to his Central Provident Fund account and life insurance policy.

The real twist comes here when she started a new job in a different company and dating a 30-year-old man surnamed Tan in April 2018. Hui later found that she had moved on and started stalking to her out of jealousy. He also found the picture of her boyfriend from Instagram that he considered as a rival to him.

Hui also started searching for ‘hitmen for hire’ on Google, to deal with any new boyfriend in the witness’ life, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Kumaresan Gohulabalan.

On April 28th when the woman went out on a date with Tan, Hui asked her to get back on the flat within 15 minutes and threatened to kill Tan if he accompanied her. Later, Hui stalked her till early in the morning and left after knowing that he was at home.

He later went back on hitman’s website and gave him information and instructions transferred $600 worth of Bitcoins to his account. His instructions to cut off his hand and hit his car didn’t work so well. So, he transferred a further $1,500 worth of Bitcoin to the hitman account to kill him on 22 May, from 7 pm to 8 pm.

10 days before the assassination, a CBS journalist informed the MFA Washington which later informed alerted the Singapore Police Force and got Hui arrested seven days before the accident was planned.

“He faces up to seven years in jail and a fine as the murder was not carried out.” Yahoo News reported.

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