Is Pi Cryptocurrency the Next Bitcoin?

Pi Network is a 100% free mining software that aims to completely change the way people can mine cryptocurrency on their phones. In the past, doing this on a mobile device has always been not very advantageous and battery depleting. Now, with the release of this program and the Pi cryptocurrency, things might become a lot better.

Bitcoin - Pi Cryptocurrency

A group of students from the Stanford University has created this type of crypto which aims to become the next Bitcoin. It also promises to help people make money with only a stable internet connection on their phones. Referring the software to friends can also bring users a lot of benefits. Recently Pi Network has hit more than 9.4 million registered Pioneers. Here is everything that you should know about this software and the Pi cryptocurrency.

The Pi cryptocurrency and Pi Network

Even if the Pi Network is up and functional, the Pi cryptocurrency is yet to be released on the blockchain. However, thanks to a back-end marketplace, people can already exchange it for about $10 per coin. According to crypto enthusiasts, the official release of the crypto is expected to happen this year. When it does, it could reach a price that’s close to Ethereum’s, meaning around $200 per coin. Other people claim that Pi cryptocurrency could even go much higher than that.

How to join Pi Network

Joining the Pi Network is extremely easy as this is simply a mobile app that you need to download. It is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems and it’s completely free. However, it’s worth noting that all possible future users will need an invite code in order to join. So, make sure you have one from your friends or various online websites before you download the app. Inviting people after joining will bring you more Pi cryptocurrency.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Pi team assures users that their data will always be secure. The team will also never ask for your details, like a password or any kind of information. You can simply link it to your Facebook account. This will help you in case you lose your phone. Your Pi account stays safe and secure and can be accessed from any other mobile device.

Other important details

It’s also mandatory to know that once Pi Network reaches ten million Pioneers, the possibility to mine Pi cryptocurrency will cease to exist. Existing users will still be able to mine after that but at a drastically reduced rate than before.

Developers can also join Pi Network thanks to its interesting platform. The Pi app also has the Pi SDK which enables developers to create apps that will become integrated with Pi. Then there is also the Pi Apps Developer Sandbox. This allows developers to visualize and also test their creations within the Pi environment.

Finally, it’s important to remember some key points when it comes to Pi Network and cryptocurrency:

  • It’s free to download from any app store;
  • It only requires a good internet connection;
  • Doesn’t drain your battery and doesn’t produce electrical waste;
  • The Pi cryptocurrency is safe, interoperable, and promising;
  • You need an invite code to join.


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