Is Express Crypto a Scam? Review – YES IT IS

ExpressCrypto markets itself as a brand-new cryptocurrency micro wallet that can receive payments from faucets and therefore help people. It is accessible from all over the world and claims to be safe and secure for both customers and their money. Well, we hate to tell you that this is absolutely not true! In the following review, we will tell you why we DON’T RECOMMEND ExpressCrypto at all and why we think it’s a SCAM website that steals money from people!

ExpressCrypto, a SCAM website

According to many people’s opinions, ExpressCrypto does nothing more than trick people into stealing their money under the pretext of keeping it safe in a virtual wallet. It is not efficient nor trustworthy. Besides that, it appears that their customer support is not only useless but also unprofessional and even rude to the customers who are asking for help. It is only available via e-mail and they never get back to the clients with answers!

After creating an account on this scam website, it apparently becomes impossible to log in. There have been many instances when our team has tried to do this and it never worked. However, the money was still in the wallet and they had full access to it by blocking the user on the outside. They claim that someone will eventually contact you to solve your problem within 72 hours but this never happens. We must also tell you that there are multiple positive reviews of this service online that are completely fake. In fact, this is another clear indication that ExpressCrypto is nothing more than a scam!

Non-responsive and useless

When it comes to withdrawals, the website is practically non-responsive. You can wait for days without anything happening after requesting a withdrawal. This is most certainly because those people have never wanted to give you the money but keep it for their own business. Many people have lost their funds this way because they just couldn’t get a response.

Another way in which ExpressCrypto steals your money is by blocking your account for no reason. This way, you cannot log in anymore, you cannot withdraw money and therefore, they become richer. Don’t fall into the trap of making another account on the website thinking that it could be just an error. It is not! This is how they work and steal money from people! They can sometimes ban your account immediately after making a deposit which is a clear indication that this is a SCAM!


All in all, we clearly do not recommend this SCAM service called ExpressCrypto because they do nothing more than steal people’s money using very low methods and being sketchy. Such kinds of services that sound too good to be true usually are exactly that. Also, never trust any kind of trading and exchanging-related platform that has a plethora of positive reviews that obviously look fake. This is meant only to attract more people for them to steal money from. Do not fall into this trap!

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