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The main purpose at FinAcademy is to teach you valuable skills about your finances. The academy can also offer you the chance to dive in a not-so-new but definitely still exiting domain.

Everybody heard about it. Everyone said they were going to start doing it and make a lot of money. We’re talking about cryptocurrency trading. Who doesn’t have a friend who always says “I knew it! I wanted to put the money in that time but I had to pay…something something…” when there’s any big news about a new rise of Bitcoin’s value.

Well, it’s easier said than done, that’s for sure. It certainly is a tough market. You know in your heart that just scratching the surface of financial literacy doesn’t do the trick. When it comes to money, nobody wants to lose. Also, the dream of winning big as fast as possible appears to all of us. But, for once, be sincere. You know that’s just the finances Santa Claus. You may believe at first that he exists but in reality, somebody has to pay for the presents.

Fear and disbelief come from a lack of knowledge and understanding almost every time. It’s only natural that everything regarding how to make a fortune in one day or how to avoid losing everything in one minute are just stories told by other people like us. It doesn’t mean they’re not possible. It only means that they’re stories about the monster under the bed. FinAcademy’s main goal is to debunk all this stories and bring you to a place where you can decide what’s best for your financial interests.

What is crypto trading?

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital assets that works within decentralized market based on blockchain technology. The whole nature of this blockchain based markets is based on untraceable peer-to-peer transactions. This eliminates central banks’ role as mediators. Due to this fact, decentralized markets have their ups and downs. While they offer a lot of future prospects, they also come with a lot of risks. But this is how any type of trading works, anywhere in the world. Market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies exceeded $600 billion. Most of the market capital is hold in the most popular coin, the Bitcoin (BTC). There is a large gap between Bitcoin’s value and the next one on the list, Ethereum, but it doesn’t mean that there isn’t money to be made. There are a lot of digital assets you can put your money in; over 6.700 different cryptocurrencies, according to The increasing number of available digital assets comes from exchange firms creating new coins or tokens. They are part of initial coin offerings (ICOs), meant to raise capital of the newly founded firm.

The main goal

A key thing for those who want to enter the world of crypto trading is for them to be educated about it. This doesn’t mean educated as in becoming an Economics Major, but fully aware of what crypto trading means. For that purpose, FinAcademy came to be, as a way to support people who want to achieve their financial goals through crypto trading.  FinAcademy offers a variety of trading courses and e-books, that can be used by both beginner and advanced traders.

Since Bitcoin’s value skyrocketed in 2017, the crypto market definitely got all Fintech professionals’ and enthusiasts’ eyes on it. In that moment Bitcoin said “I’m not going anywhere”. These words definitely spoke in all cryptocurrency markets’ name. Internet is not going anywhere, and so are the digital coins. These days, cryptocurrency exchanges, markets and trading are really hot topics. Not mentioning the recent events, with Bitcoin registering skyrocketing values.

This is at least explainable. When thinking of all the events that happened in 2020, one can associate all of them with economic recession. This constant uncertainty hit everywhere and everyone. Because of that, people had to take measures to secure their funds. Low-income people started cutting off more expenses, thinking of other ways to generate money on the side. Traders and other people involved in the financial markets started converting their money into more secure currencies.

Bitcoin became the “digital gold”, the store-of-value currency. Similarly, to the precious metal, Bitcoin is finite. This means that a high demand will make the price go up rapidly. With digital assets you can’t talk about inflation. The U.S. Covid-19 relief plan included injecting billions of dollars into the economy. While the money will help people get more easily over the pandemic, it could also possibly lead to hyperinflation. Of course, this is the worst-case scenario and we hope it won’t make the cut.

No matter the turn of events, the U.S. dollar will suffer. This was at least predictable for the people involved in the financial business.

Why not you?

FinAcademy believes that anyone can succeed in the financial market with the right tools on their side. The academy helps people from all over the world through online courses and webinars to help achieve financial stability and obtain extra income through trading.

Financial markets are now more accessible than ever. The only thing that can narrow your vision is fear of loss. Or better said, fear of the unknown. FinAcademy aims to eliminate the fear and guide you through what they believe to be a journey with unlimited possibilities called trading.

What is trading?

Over the years, everybody associated trading with the depiction of Wall Street trader from the movies. Nothing further from the truth. Today, trading is more accessible than ever. All you need is internet access on a computer or even on your smartphone.

Trading actually is quite a simple economic concept. It basically refers to buying and selling financial instruments like stocks, bonds, etc. while speculating the fluctuations of their prices.

We can easily translate this process into crypto trading. It is nothing more than the buying and selling of digital assets, depending on the value it holds and our prediction about how the price will move.

While it sounds like gambling, we assure you it’s nothing further from that. All these changes in the market are just a reflection of the socio-economical situations in the world. Therefore, trading is not just about buying long and selling short. It’s about understanding how the market works and how to make it work in your favour.

FinAcademy thinks that with the right training, everyone can quickly become a successful professional in the financial industry. With their extended experience in knowledge, this team tries to form the professionals in the capital market of tomorrow.

The main mission is to be amongst the leading global institutes in financial training and the academy can only achieve that by offering the most innovative and qualitative services to their students and partners.

Still not sure about getting into trading? Join the FinAcademy courses and webinars to learn how you can become profitable in no time. Don’t let you stand in the way of your success!

When thinking about the economy and life in general, we can see them marching to digitalization in all aspects. There are countries today that almost abolished use of physical money. Even the street beggars have their QR codes for donations. Somehow it scares us a little, but it’s absolutely normal to feel this way. Evolution is not instant and doesn’t come without resistance.

At first, digital financial assets or cryptocurrencies we’re looked upon as child’s play. It took some years for people to take the digital assets seriously. It took a lot of great earnings for some and big losses for others for people to really consider crypto trading and mining as a viable money-making option.

The role and future of cryptocurrencies it’s still debated and uncertain, but something is certain. There is no coming back from this. And the better we understand what’s happening, the more we’ll win.

FinAcademy strives for excellence. The whole team is working to become one of the best finance training institutions. And the way our efforts can be evaluated is through the students’ success. FinAcademy puts all the efforts into top-quality resources for all the people interested in a trading career option.

This is the best moment in time to develop a new skill and increase your earnings. Learning online and walking with your trading account in your pocket definitely makes it easier than ever to make a profit.

Let’s give you a taste of what you will need to start including some of the difficulties and risks you might encounter. FinAcademy believes that knowledge is the most valuable asset you’ll need when started trading, not at all the money. So here we go!


Starting trading

At first you might encounter some difficulties if you’re an absolute starter. You have to choose a platform, choose between a brokerage firm or an exchange, etc. Let’s explain shortly what’s the difference.

A broker is a person or a firm that allows you to speculate on the price movement of certain derivatives, without actually owning them. They actually intermediate the process and offer the assets at a certain price.

When talking about exchanging, we’re talking about buying a certain digital coin with a different currency. Depending on the platform, you can use digital coins of fiat currencies.

Although it sounds fairly simple, we can assure you that there are a lot more to take into consideration. Choosing a broker or an exchange is a hard task by itself. The rise of crypto market created a lot of opportunities for trader. It also attracted a great interest for scammers. Being a decentralized market, the decision on which platform to go with can be based mostly on its reputation and security measures taken.

FinAcademy walks you through experiences and methods that will guarantee you a safer trading process. Why learn from your mistakes when you can have a head-start?

The FinAcademy learning platform will definitely guarantee you start on the right foot and will help you make the best decisions. You will know the most trusted and recommended platforms, useful strategies and tips to help you identify big opportunities and also bigger traps.

Still not sure it’s for you? Make up your mind by taking a peek at FinAcademy’s official website.

Some of our users wrote back to us about FinAcademy, so we wanted to post their opinions:


I was bombed with YT ads about trading platforms, commissions and other things. To be sincere I’ve always dreamt of making money by trading or what I thought back then that trading meant. I got some extra-time in my hands and some money saved during the work from period. I thought…why not give it a shot. I read a little on the subject and it got me. I asked around how can I get more into it and a friend of mine recommended FinAcademy.

Definitely worth the while. Dive into their courses, you won’t regret it!


I saw my boyfriend using a trading app for a while and he always bragged about his earnings and “good decisions” and other things I don’t understand. He kind of always mocked me a little when I asked him about things and said that it’s not for me. Looking at him everything seemed easy but one day I tried it on my own and kind of got scared. I couldn’t stop because he would tell me “I told you so” and I hate it when he does it.

I started reading things on the internet on the subject, browsed the app a little more and kind of understood more things. I found this online trading school with free courses and stuff and I said why not?!

It was definitely worth it. I’m not trading professionally, but their resources really got me going. I totally make a “return on investment” :)))


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