Ehtereum price prediction for 2018

ethereum prediction

Ethereum co-founder Steven Nerayoff believes the value of his cryptocurrency could triple in 2018. Having already taken proud second place after bitcoin in terms of market capitalization, Ethereum investment profitability is likely to continue soaring in 2018 with some analysts even predicting the cryptocurrency to outperform BTC the year ahead. The reason for this is that many business and individuals around the world are just starting to realize the scope of opportunity Ethereum has to offer. Nerayoff further reinforces the prediction by noting that the blockchain on which the Ether is built has the ability to process transactions faster and cheaper than that of BTC, which with constantly increasing user-base might not only make it more attractive than BTC in 2018, but further increase its mining profitability. Generally, Nerayoff suggests that increasing interest in his cryptocurrency will boost its value in 2018.

Thing is there are many projects currently built around Ethereum. There are literally billions of dollars being poured into the Ethereum network. This could easily lead to the price of Ethereum doubling or even tripling in 2018. Given the fact that Bitcoin was initially designed as peer-to-peer blockchain network, Ethereum is built around so-called smart contracts executing under specific conditions. Nerayoff, who helped craft token sales for the Ethereum project, said businesses in an increasingly wide variety of industries are starting to take note of what value Ethereum protocol could offer them. With more and more industries around the globe utilizing blockchain-based transactions, Ethereum is bound to have a bright future.

Either way, when it comes to 2018, Ethereum is very likely to attract investors. With more and more exchanges offering Ethereum trading, the liquidity of the asset is increasing exponentially while emergence of brokers offering leveraged trading of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies might shift the dynamic in the industry and offer Ethereum trading services to broader group of traders and investors. Whether or not any of the above-mentioned predictions comes into reality, it is hard to deny the fact of Ethereum’s extraordinary performance in 2017. Very few actually anticipated Ether to take second place after BTC in terms of market capitalization and reach preposterous 3000% gain year over year.

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