Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2020

2019 has been an eventful and complicated year, with significant price fluctuations in the exchange market. Various predictions have been put forward regarding the future performance of the most important tokens.

The biggest event of 2019 concerning Facebook’s introduction of controversial stablecoin remains a mystery, along with other ambitious projects, and this has seriously impacted today’s realities of the cryptocurrency market. This article examines the coins that are worth investing in the upcoming year.


Investing in Bitcoin has shown significant gains in relative value against other cryptos. The currency has proven itself as the best store of value and remains the dominant digital coin by market cap. Despite the overall volatility, traders should be prepared for the upcoming dips associated with Bitcoin. Most financials say that this year will be ideal for short, while others predict the currency price to reach $100K in 2020 due to the fixed market supply.

One of the most anticipated events is bitcoin halving that will take place in May 2020 and will lower the value of the cryptocurrency to less than that of gold.


Litecoin is a Bitcoin altcoin, and it continuously innovates and improves the corresponding source code by eliminating its flaws. Apart from sharing one codebase, both currencies indicate similar price fluctuations. This year, investing in Litecoin will most likely bring stable returns. Most investors believe that it will not lose its relevance over 2020, but grow to 300-400 dollars.


With Ethereum, investors have discovered the potential of Smart Contracts as well as decentralized application platforms. The introduction of the latter enabled faster and cheaper transactions. Moreover, DApps optimize and audit smart contracts; they create an open-source software ecosystem that is both secure and resilient.

A prognosis for Ethereum is rather stable but slow growth in 2020. According to TradingView analysts, the price for ETH might rise to 320 USD by the end of 2020, which is quite consistent with today’s realities.

With the advancement of coin’s scalability, there has been a widespread increase in the number of transactions and block time, around 13.33 seconds, which is one of the fastest in ETH history.


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