Crypto Today: Telegram Founder Should Testify in SEC Сase, TradeSanta to Introduce Multiple Exchange, and the latest trading updates

SEC/Telegram Litigation

The Blockchain Association will be advising the court in litigation against Telegram. Pavel Durov claims that GRAMs are not securities. It seems that the regulator did little investigation of Telegram token legitimacy. The blockchain advocates have filed an amicus curiae* brief on Jan. 21. 

*An amicus curiae is a party to a case who assists a court by offering an expert insight.

TradeSanta introduces Multiple Exchange

A crypto trading bot called TradeSanta introduces the benefits of using multiple exchanges when trading. Developers at TradeSanta are working on the interface that will take a form of step-by step guidance. With intuitive APIs, both expert and novice traders can gain access to more currency pairs, benefit from buying Bitcoin out of many platforms, and connect their multiple checking accounts. 

The Shopify Plugin

San Francisco-based startup called “Real Items Foundation” to introduce Shopify Stores to Real Items Authenticity. The new Shopify plug-in runs on VeChain Blockchain. With a cloud-based application, brands can create freely exchangeable tokens and securely connect them with physical items. This will enable consumers to test the products to ensure its authenticity. 


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