Crypto News: 29.01

Montana-based CryptoWatt has got the system up and running

“The power flow is restored and is flowing to the 35, 525 Bitcoin-mining servers on the CryptoWatt site”- Montana Standard reports. 

We recall that authorities shut down CryptoWatt after incarcerating its part-owner, Matt Goettsche. Goettsche was taken into custody for draining $722 million through a separate business named BitClub Network. 

The crypto mine proceeded to operate in parallel with the lawsuit, under the leadership of business’s part-owners, Kevin Washington and Rick Tabish. 

Iranian government issues 1.000 mining licences for domestic crypto businesses

According to the ICT Guild Organization report, the mining industry is likely to boost Iran’s economic growth. Organization’s officials also point out the possible obstacles mining farms might face. Among these are the country’s high electricity prices. The best solution would be to provide miners with a bargain price equal to electricity trade costs; electric utility rate reform will definitely speed up the mining industry establishment. 

Hash War Played Out Against The Backdrop Of Bitcoin Tax

Bitcoin cash miners protest against the introduction of 12,5% tax levy. The lack of clarity regarding the final destination of $6 million in tax collections keeps the fires of protest smouldering. Tax opponents are planning to create their chain if the initiative isn’t withdrawn. 

According to Chinese communist Jiang Zhuoer, the initiator of the tax plan, those who refuse to pay money, will have their blocks removed from the chain.


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