Crypto News 23-24.01.19

Mr. Bitcoin To Testify In Court For Alleged Money Laundering

Greek High Court extradites Russian national, Alexander Vinnik to France, the GreekReporter announced on Friday. We recall that back in 2017, Russian bitcoin fraud suspect has been alleged of laundering $4B in BTC. Vinnik is believed to be in close liaison with Mr. Crox, the infamous hack of digital currency; his arrest will put an end to the two-year court battle.  

New Report at the World Economic Forum in Davos

The ratings of top-50 blockchain companies fell by half in 2019. According to the latest report of CV VC investment firm, this is due to the general Ethereum decline. The ratings change every year, primarily depending on token prices, cash inflows, and the company’s overall performance. Since Swiss employment rates in the cryptocurrency industry are growing steadily, experts consider Ether performance the main reason for the downswing. 

Crypto-Exchange Security Issue

Most platforms require user to create a password which will act as the encrypted private key. The loss of the password remains a problem, especially for non-tech savvy cryptocurrency users. Sharing keys with friend or simply writing it down on a piece of paper is certainly doomed to failure. Importing passwords to centralized keystores can be a safe alternative for most users. But still, platforms as such integrate encrypted digital backups, which involves greater effort to memorize personal data. To grant companies the right to store your credentials would be the best solution; The proposal was introduced by Ethereum co-founder and is currently in the process of development. 


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