Crypto integration is a “completely insane” technology

The representative of Wikipedia called crypto integration “completely insane” technology

Wikipedia co-founder, Jimmy Wales, recently announced that he does not foresee any practical use of cryptocurrencies on the Wikipedia platform. Also, Jimmy added that Wales such an idea of ​​integrating blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies will not be introduced on Wikipedia.

At the recent CoinGeek London conference, Wales opposed Craig Wright and was adamant that cryptocurrencies would add nothing to the experience of the online encyclopedia.

There was also a bit of controversy when Wales was declared the main speaker at CoinGeek. He criticized the conference for suggesting that he endorsed the vision of Satoshi Bitcoin (BSV). Jimmy also tweeted that BSV will never be used on Wikipedia.

Moreover, he said that the introduction of blockchain and cryptocurrency can even harm Wikipedia. These considerations, according to Wales, are based on the practical and ideological differences of crypto.

Despite the usefulness of cryptography, Jimmy ignores crypto reward requests for editors and content creators.

His indecision in that matter, he said, is connected with problems with the fundamental concept of cryptography and blockchain. He also does not believe that the reward for the creators of content in the form of crypto can somehow work in real life.

At the conference, Wales said that it was a bad idea and that this did not really work.

Jimmy is also worried that such crypto integration can lead to not-so-good consequences for the Wikipedia mechanism due to the way users edit it. Indeed, to check and present facts of articles and new content, the online encyclopedia relies on enthusiasts and volunteers.

It is normal that the Wikipedia co-founder is worried that the integration of coins may lead to a recession. As an example, users will have to spend crypto assets on creating or editing articles. Moreover, putting them before the facts that in principle they will have to risk money or pay to just edit Wikipedia is really strange.

According to him, he does not consider such a possibility of competition between users for making changes, and such a mechanism of working with coins needs exactly this.

He also added that developing such a mechanism for Wikipedia, with which they can effectively test this type of behavior, will not help. However, he doesn’t mind accepting donations in digital currency.

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