Companies that invest millions in blockchain education

5 cryptocurrency companies invest millions of dollars in blockchain education

Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies have been donated to universities for more than millions of dollars, and all of them are aimed at promoting blockchain research and exploring the benefits of cryptocurrencies by students.

It’s true that if universities better disseminate information that they accept donations for cryptocurrencies, then universities can earn millions of dollars, says Michael Earley, head of research and nonprofits. Block Provisioning This is a platform for promoting cryptocurrency donations.

According to Alex Wilson, co-founder of Giving Block, this will change. He expects that as soon as they realize that many of their graduates have earned a lot of money by investing in crypto, soon more universities will start accepting cryptocurrencies.

Providing the next generation with the resources necessary to explore this new area can show good results for the blockchain industry.

  • IOHK

Last week, the IOHK cryptocurrency company, which founded the Cardano cryptocurrency, revealed that it donated $ 500,000 to the University of Wyoming in Cardano cryptocurrency (ADA) to support blockchain research.

All funds will go to the university laboratory of research and development of the blockchain. In turn, the Cardano brand will be distributed throughout the laboratory.

According to IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson, he invested in the lab because of the good business environment in Wyoming. He also added that their company wants to have very important business and write very good software there.

Charles said the funds will not only support research on the use of blockchain technology but also allow Wyoming to develop into a talent center for software developers and receive training on the best methods in the world for software development.

  • Ripple

Ripple promises to provide $ 50 million to universities in 2018. According to the website, the company, as part of its university research program, supports and accelerates research, technological development and innovation in the field of cryptocurrencies, digital payments and blockchains.

Ripple has partnerships with 30 universities, including the University of Texas, Princeton University and UCL. It also provides funding, technology, and tools, and his team collaborates with universities on various programs.


Blockchain-based social media app has donated $ 3 million to Virginia Tech. The technical director of the graduates of the Virginia Technical School, Dan Larimer, that the funds will go to help students develop blockchain skills. They will be used to hire employees for the department and conduct blockchain courses.

  • Nikolai Mushegian

Earlier this year, computer scientist Nikolai Mushegian, who is working on MakerDAO, transferred to Carnegie Mellon University $ 10,000 in MKT .

Mushegian also wrote on his blog that he invested in order to get rid of the growing desire to rent large companies, technology giants and banks, which, in his opinion, entered the blockchain space.

  • Echolink

The University of California at Berkeley received Bitcoin for $ 50,000 in 2017 from the Echolink Foundation, which runs a service that certifies notarized documents and much more. The donation was used to create a blockchain lab in Berkeley.


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