CoinMarketCap to become a sponsor of the major Israeli soccer team

Popular cryptocurrency market analysis and tracking website has become the sponsor of a major Israeli soccer team, Beitar Jerusalem Football Club. Announcing the news, Luke Wagman, CEO of CoinMarketCap brought in on Twitter where he posted the picture of Israeli soccer team players wearing jerseys which had the CoinMarketCap logo on the front and at the center of the football jerseys. He even suggested that the CoinMarketCap’s sporty new football jerseys brought a new look to Beitar Jerusalem in a friendly match against Madrid.

He further tweeted that “Thrilled to be featured on the Beitar Jerusalem Football Club’s uniforms yesterday in their match versus Atlético Madrid. They won 2-1! It is exciting to see crypto getting more mainstream attention.”

Congratulating Wagman, Blockchain executive Alexandre Dreyfus said that this is the first step where Football clubs and overall sports arena are getting attention from blockchain and crypto projects. Dreyfus tweeted: “Football and crypto 😉 Getting there.”

The CoinMarketCap sponsorship becomes the latest and one of its kind in the field of sports as cryptocurrency and blockchain projects are still paving their path in athletics.  Earlier this year two major football clubs namely Champions League Finalists, Liverpool, and Popular English Premier League had invited a number of blockchain and crypto projects regarding the sponsorship deals for upcoming seasons.

According to BlockTV, cryptocurrencies are slowly starting to “take over football”

The chances of blockchain and cryptocurrency companies promoting and sponsoring the football teams are expected to increase dramatically by 2020. However, it is not the first case where the link between sports team and crypto company has been established.

Previously in 2018, Gibraltar United became the first football club to pay its players in cryptocurrency which helped the players significantly especially ones who haven’t had foreign bank accounts. It also helped them avoid taxes and fees. Sirin Labs, the maker of the blockchain-based smartphone, is another example of blockchain and crypto projects are on its way to enter into the sports arena. Sirin Labs has made Lionel Messi a brand ambassador of the company.

It doesn’t stop here! In September 2018, French football club Paris Saint-Germain announced the plans to roll out their own crypto tokens with the help of Malta-based blockchain company Socios. Being one of the richest football clubs in the world, the club paid a whopping $263 million to have Brazilian football star Neymar on board. In the future, the sports arena especially Football may see myriad sponsorships coming from crypto and blockchain projects. The sponsoring Beitar Jerusalem Football Club is just beginning.

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