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What is a bitcoin wallet?

Regarding bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, a ‘wallet’ is a code-written program used for the storage of digital currencies. Technically speaking, Bitcoins aren’t stocked anywhere for storage or whatever; there is a secret number for each Bitcoin address that is stored in the Bitcoin wallet of the owner of the balance. Bitcoin wallets also referred to […]

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Where Can I Use Bitcoin?

So what is bitcoin? Originally, bitcoin was designed to be an alternative, decentralized payment system. It was low-cost, unlike international bank transfers at the time, and almost immediate. An added advantage for users was its irreversibility, which cleared the peril of costly charge-backs. However, the rapid change in domestic payment methods and the active development […]

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What Is a Bitcoin?

To debunk some common misconceptions surrounding bitcoin, we will break it down into two primary components. The first is a piece of code which represents ownership of a digital concept – more like a virtual IOU, referred to as ‘bitcoin-the-token.’ The second segment is a shared network that keeps a ledger of balances of bitcoin-the-token, […]

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