How Can You Buy Cryptocurrency with Credit Card Without Verification

buy cryptocurrency with credit card without verification

Buying cryptocurrency can become rather confusing and difficult, especially for a beginner. This is why there are a lot of people who prefer to buy cryptocurrency with credit card without verification simply because the whole verification process takes a lot longer. It’s also worth noting that everyone will need a crypto wallet where they will deposit their digital coins after buying them.

buy cryptocurrency with credit card without verification

Acquiring cryptocurrency without verification or ID usually comes with very high fees. It’s like you are paying extra for the benefit of waiting a lot less to get your money. This is why, in this article, we will talk about some exchanges where you can buy cryptocurrency with credit card without verification. We will also offer you alternatives to buying crypto that you might find interesting. Here we go!


LocalBitcoins is not actually a crypto exchange but more of a peer-to-peer marketplace for digital currencies. It was created based on the Tor network, which means that it has no central servers. Similar to eBay, people make offers and then agree on the price and terms of an exchange before it can be done. LocalBitcoins allows you to buy cryptocurrency without verification if you want to buy it through a cash deposit. You can also meet up with your seller and pay for your crypto with cash. You can use this marketplace regardless of what part of the world you are located in.


This is an online cryptocurrency exchange with years of experience in this domain. Dexland wants everyone to grasp a better understanding of what selling and buying means. Also, for everyone to know that it can also be done easily, safely, and quickly. This is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that aims to give customers the best solutions possible, such as wire transfers and credit card transfers. The website has also recently added an OTC desk, which allows for high-volume orders to be submitted easily and without hassle.

Dexland partners with several highly experienced crypto miners, therefore creating one of the most reliable and consistent such sites right now. Dexland only accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum as cryptocurrencies, though this is likely to improve soon. The exchange is working hard to ensure that all of the major cryptocurrencies are available on the platform as soon as possible.

Similar to LocalBitcoins, you can buy cryptocurrency without verification through cash deposits or by meeting up with the seller. Dexland‘s staff is highly qualified. The company’s goal is to offer the best crypto exchange experience to those looking for a simple and safe process. They claim to provide the quickest and easiest way to exchange crypto with only a credit/debit card or a wire transfer.

Cryptocurrency ATMs

There is another way in which you can buy cryptocurrency with credit card without verification. There are cryptocurrency ATMs that look like regular ones but instead of giving you fiat money, they send crypto to your digital wallet after you insert cash. What’s important is that most crypto ATM models do not require any type of verification.

It’s also worth noting that usually, these ATMs sell crypto at a mark-up of 5 to 10%. In a way, you can consider this the price you pay for the provided discretion. This website will help you find a crypto ATM near you.


All in all, it’s worth taking into consideration that there are ways to buy cryptocurrency with credit card without verification. There are numerous online exchanges that do that as well as other methods like crypto ATMs or peer-to-peer networks, as already mentioned. There are many reasons why people want to buy crypto without being verified and most of them have to do with the lack of security that some exchanges offer. Other people prefer discretion. The reason it’s your business to which we have hopefully provided some solutions.


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