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Xcoins is an online digital asset loan platform provider, which offers collateral-secured Bitcoin to those who prefer to buy them using a credit or debit card. The Xcoins platform provides an avenue for those who want to borrow Bitcoin and pay for it using their PayPal or credit cards.

The Xcoins service has been designed to let users bypass the difficulties associated with buying Bitcoin with a credit card or through PayPal. Payments made with PayPal or credit card are susceptible to chargebacks, which means they can be reversed, whereas Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. This creates a great hindrance for Bitcoin users in the Western world where most of the payments are made using either a credit or debit card. Therefore, many of these users cannot obtain Bitcoin on exchanges.

Xcoins now renders an excellent solution to this problem. Any registered user may borrow or lend Bitcoin at Xcoins. Xcoins creates an automatic match between those who want to borrow Bitcoin to those who own Bitcoin that they want to lend. There is no form of interaction whatsoever between borrowers and lenders.

Account Verification

To get verified on Xcoins, you first need to create an account with the exchange by clicking on the “Sign up” button at the upper right corner of its homepage.

Fill out the necessary information that are required on the sign-up page, and a confirmation code will be sent to the email you have used to create your account. Take the code provided in the email and enter it in the provided space and follow the additional instructions.

Once you have chosen a suitable password, you will be redirected to the country page. Choose your country and click on the “continue” button. The list the countries available for selection is quite long, which is good as everyone can be part of this trading platform.

The next step of your registration process with Xcoins would then be a 2FA (Two-factor authentication) method. Unlike most exchanges that offer two-factor authentication, this process is not left out of your registration process, making it very easy to activate once and for all.

All you need to do is provide your mobile phone number to get the six-digit code for the authentication. Bear in mind that you need to use your international country code before your mobile number. For instance, if you’re from Australia, then you need to type in +61 then your 10-digit mobile number.

If you are not comfortable using two-factor authorization through your mobile phone number, then you can use Google Authenticator which can be more efficient.

Trading Platform

Once you confirm the six-digit code with Xcoins, you will then be redirected to the “Get Bitcoin” page on the website. You can, however, determine which tab you want to open at this point.

To purchase Bitcoin, the minimum amount needed would be $10.00, and the maximum would be $1,000.00.

All the user who wants to borrow bitcoin needs to do is make a borrowing request, and Xcoin will automatically match the request with a lender. Lending comes as a viable option for those who want to make money on their Bitcoin holdings without having to sell them.

After the borrower and the lender have been matched, the borrower pays the lender the agreed amount plus interest, using a credit card on the lender’s PayPal page. The Bitcoin is transferred from lender’s wallet to borrower’s wallet immediately after the confirmation of the payment. Only lenders with enough amount of Bitcoin in their wallets are matched to borrowers.

Xcoins Fees

Bitcoin borrowers on Xcoins pay an interest fee on the loan they secure. This interest is paid at the same time that the loan security deposit is made using a credit card or PayPal. Lenders determine interest rates, and they are not tied to the tenor of the loans.

The is a very high competition amidst lenders; therefore, it is very likely for a borrower to be matched with a lender that offers the lowest interest fee.

The borrower also pays the fees for payment processing and loan origination.

All lending transactions would need to be made via PayPal. Payments from the borrowers to lenders as well as interest fees would be sent directly to the connected PayPal account.

Deposit and Withdrawal

On Xcoins, transactions are made using the following payment channels:

  1. Credit/debit cards which are issued by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
  2. US Bank account (ACH)
  3. eCheck
  4. PayPal Credit
  5. PayPal Balance

These are all payment methods which are supported by PayPal. All lenders must have verified PayPal accounts. It is not necessary for Borrowers to have a PayPal account.

The only available currencies to trade with as of now would be US Dollars and Bitcoins. All transactions will be based on the trade of using USD to purchase Bitcoins or selling Bitcoins in exchange for USD.

Is Xcoins Safe?

Xcoins is located in Menlo Park, CA, USA, and it has been operating since August 5, 2016.

This exchange renders a unique service where users can borrow or lend Bitcoin for fiat currency. Xcoins has a very tight system in place whereby only lenders with sufficient balance of Bitcoin to lend can be matched with any borrower. There is no way a borrower can pay the Bitcoin loan collateral without getting the Bitcoins borrowed. Besides, the collateral helps hold the borrower to account to repay the Bitcoin loan. So Xcoins is a safe platform to use for peer-to-peer Bitcoin lending.

The minimum amount of deposit required to start trading on this exchange is $10.

US clients are accepted on the Xcoins platform.