Voyager Review – NOT Recommended

What is Voyager

Voyager is a crypto-focused online trading and investing platform that claims to offer its customers a personalized experience that is swift and professional. Sadly, we must tell you that this has nothing to do with the reality of it. The transaction execution mechanism that supposedly finds the best prices among a large number of exchanges does nothing else but trick customers. In this review, we will tell you exactly why we do not recommend choosing this broker and the reasons why you should stay as far away from it as possible.

Voyager Homepage

About Voyager’s supposed features and benefits

Voyager claims to combine and simplify trading on multiple exchanges by finding the most advantageous price and offering it to you on one single platform, its own. The problem with this is that the customer has no way of knowing if the price they get is the real one which makes it incredibly easy for the broker to trick everyone and make money off their back.

Voyager has also recently bought Ethos, a relatively unknown blockchain technology provider that supposedly connects various protocols and works hand-in-hand with this broker when it comes to making money from innocent customers. Also, the virtual wallet that Voyager provides is offered by Ethos, meaning that these two companies will always have access to your crypto and can steal from you at any time.

It’s also worth mentioning that because of the fact that one single platform combines so many procedures and actions, it works very badly and it frequently crashes. This provides the perfect opportunity for these people to make modifications to your assets and investments without you even realizing it. This broker also provides a list of features like daily market news and weekly market analysis that do nothing to help the trader and are not special in any way, shape, or form. They are mostly there to trick people into thinking that this is a legit broker.

Trading on Voyager, a burden

First and foremost, Voyager does not have an Android mobile app meaning that if you own any other type of device besides Apple ones, you cannot access this broker. In a way, this might be a good thing because you won’t have to deal with all of their issues and tricks. But let’s say that you access it from their web platform and want to make an account. You must know that when you do that, you will be forced to link a bank account through Plaid, another one of their sketchy partners that can have access to your funds because they claim to verify all of your transfers.

Ledger Vault and Celsius Network are two other partners of Voyager (as you can see, they do nothing on their own) which nobody really knows too much about. The main problem with these partnerships is that your personal info and bank details end up in the hands of a million other services that can use and modify them as they please. Never trust such brokers because all they want to do is steal your money and trick you into becoming their customers for all the wrong reasons.

Voyager Website
Voyager Website

Can Voyager be trusted?

Obviously, Voyager cannot be trusted even if they claim to have a security package in place to protect their customers’ data.

This is most certainly fake and only there to persuade more people to fall into their trap. Besides that, Voyager has a large number of hidden fees derived from their sketchy partnerships because all of these companies add their own fees and the only one who ends up paying them is you.

Plus, whenever you want to make a withdrawal, Voyager will take an incredibly long time to complete it, if they finally do it and you are lucky. This is because they don’t want you to receive your money but they want to steal it from your wallet.

Voyager: Access the Largest Crypto Market
Voyager: Access the Largest Crypto Market

Conclusion of Voyager Review

All in all, we definitely do not recommend choosing Voyager as your trusted broker, especially in case you want to start trading and investing now.

They will destroy your perception of this industry and it will not be fair for all the other trustworthy brokers out there.

So, avoid them at all costs and continue your search until you find something much better and safe for your funds. At the end of the day, it’s all about how safe and secure you feel while trading, and Voyager cannot offer that to you.

Also, you can write us and we will try to help. We are working with Marc, which has a great experience dealing with scam brokers and can help you recover your money. 
His email is: [email protected] 


6 thoughts on “Voyager Review – NOT Recommended

  1. Voyager customer service is horrible and as far as I’m concerned they stole my money.
    I transferred ADA coins from Bittrex to Voyager but they never showed up in my Voyager account.I am 100% positive the deposit address is correct.
    I reached out to Bittrex, cardano, and Voyager.
    Bittrex shows the transaction was uploaded to the Cardano blockchain explorer.
    The Cardano blockchain explorer shows the transaction going to the deposit address I got from Voyager.
    It has been a few weeks now and Voyager has not responded to my support ticket.
    I’ve read several social media post where people are having the same problem with Voyager.

    1. So far Voyager stole $3,200 from me thus far. I deposited $1,500 that never reflected on my balance and the another $1,700 today. They refuse to even answer inquires.

  2. I have several thousand in pending deposits that I have made between 3/24 and 3/30 that are stuck in pending status. All of them cleared my bank on the same day that I requested the transfers. All of the rest of my deposits previous to that time went through good. I have been able to use the pending deposits to invest, but the deposit that I made on Sunday (04/06) is not even showing as processing in my Voyager account, so I have not been able to invest since 04/06. This transferred out of my bank account on the same day, yet there is no transaction history of that 500.00 in my Voyager account, so frustrating that I have not been able to invest when the market was recently down this past week. I have sent 4 different emails spanning, since last week, asking about the stalled deposits that show in pending status and the recent failed deposit into my Voyager account. Voyager has not yet responded back to me nor have the issues been resolved. At this time, I would not recommend investing anything with Voyager until they resolve their issues. On 04/12 I will be contacting my bank (Wells Fargo) to see if there is anything I can do about the last 500.00 deposit that appears to not even have registered into my Voyager account as any kind of a transaction, yet was promptly deducted from my Wells Fargo account. I do like the cryptos that Voyager has and mine are doing very well, and I like their interface, but if I will have other future issues, as others are having i.e, transferring cryptos to a hard wallet or making withdrawals into their bank accounts, then I am becoming apprehensive. The lost 500.00 deposit on 4/06, has prevented me from capitalizing on investment opportunities this past week on Voyager and I dare not try to deposit anymore. I find myself becoming resentful that I chose Voyager to buy the cryptos through. On top of that the non-response from their support team leaves me wondering about the legitimacy of Voyager, there is not even a support phone number to call. What does Voyager expect to happen when they are non-responsive to the support tickets their customers are creating? Where else do they expect us to go? Some are hiring attorneys, some are going to their banks, and of course the rest of us keep emailing in hopes of getting a response back, in hopes of having our issues taken care of. Then there are search engines to look for other info on Voyager issues and when you find out how many others are having similar problems it makes one wonder. You cannot move anything out of your Voyager account that is in pending status and what about my missing 500.00, that does not show in my transaction history at all? Are these deposits left in pending status for another reason, so they can hold onto our cryptos/cash? I have read comments on Reddit, ( that many problems have recently developed with customers trying to cash out any of their investments or transfer them to hard wallets, along with other issues as well. My brother is currently waiting for about 700.00 to transfer back to his bank account that he cashed out; his withdrawal is stuck in pending status and has been for a couple of weeks. Like I say I like Voyagers cryptos and interface, but they are the only exchange that I have had any issues with so far. I am also investing on Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, and Binance. If anyone has a Voyager support phone number to call, please share it. I have goggled and the only number that I can find is for a Voyager exchange broker (don’t even know if he is legit or not), I called it and listened to his recorded message. In the meantime I am still investing on the other exchanges and feel that transactions on Voyager are done for now.

  3. I had high hopes for Voyager, I understood they were a newer platform and had growing pains but there latest policy changes are ridiculous. I deposited $500 to buy some ADA and then two weeks later deposited another $550 to buy some ALGO and LINK. My original deposit cleared after 10 days but the second deposit has another week to go. I went to move my ADA that I had already paid for but could not withdraw all of it, they held back about $60.00 dollars because the second purchase has not cleared and the coins had lost some value. That’s crazy, if I had waited a few days and withdrew my ADA first I could have gotten it all before depositing and buying additional coins. This is really a scummy business practice, and I question there financial stability and liquidity. If you have crypto on voyager, remove it a soon as you can, if you done have crypto on it don’t send them any funds or crypto, they seriously need to fix their issues before I ever consider them again.

  4. I purchased Bitcoin on here from my bank and I started losing money on Voyager from my deposit twenty-four hours before the money was taken out of my bank account. After the money was gone from my bank account Voyager head Frozen my Bitcoin and it showed as pending for the past 3 days now and so far I have lost $90 and the deposit is still pending.
    I’m done with these people.

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