TD Ameritrade Review

TD Ameritrade is a popular broker in the USA, which was founded back in 1971. It was also one of the first exchanges to offer telephone and online trading.

How Does TD Ameritrade Exchange Work

A trader can start work on TD Ameritrade with any amount, but the commission is $ 6.95 per transaction. There are also incentive programs for customers, trading without a commission with a deposit of $ 3,000 for the first 60 days and bonuses in the range of $ 100.

The website provides a large selection of investments, options trading, stock trading, 300 ETFs with no commission, more than 4000 mutual funds, Forex with 75 currency pairs,  bonds, bitcoin, and ordinary futures.

TD Ameritrade gives access to its users to TD Ameritrade Web Platform and Thinkorswim trading platforms. Each of them has a version for mobile commerce.

Thinkorswim is equipped with great research tools, including a set of screeners such as Stock Hacker, as well as real-time CNBC news channels along with additional third-party sources such as Morningstar, Dow Jones and Thomson Reuters.

Tools for fundamental analysis and a detailed economic calendar are also available, providing traders with a diverse arsenal of tools for market research, including in video format.

In addition to the basic information commonly found in economic calendars, some features have been added to the platform. For example, the ability to filter various news events on the calendar and set alerts for upcoming events that are somehow related to your portfolio.

The web service also provides access to additional Forex tools such as US dollar indices, futures for various pairs and options. In crypto trading, users can choose Bitcoin futures and the first Bitcoin-based product that is officially traded on exchanges – the Greyscale Investment Trust Fund (GBTC).

IMI is a branded indicator of investor behavior from TD Ameritrade, which is designed to assess the mood of retail investors and traders.

The broker extracts data from its funded accounts to find trends in investments, trading activity, and other data. In an effort to reduce bias, the exchange uses only those accounts that have recently participated in trading and treat everyone the same, regardless of the amount of capital.

Is TD Ameritrade Safe?

TD Ameritrade is regulated by FCA, SFC, IIROC, SEC, FINRA and CFTC.

Review results

The advantages of TD Ameritrade are reliability and licenses for the provision of services, a wide range of premium trading and research tools, Bitcoin futures and modern platforms for trading. Of the cons, the broker receives payment for the flow of orders and has relatively high commissions.

TD Ameritrade is a universal broker offering almost all types of securities for trading and research services. It is a kind of Amazon counterpart among exchanges and provides access to everything in one place, through a platform in which it is easy to navigate and perform any operations. Given all the variables, the company fully lives up to expectations.


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