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SatoshiTango is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With its main focus on introducing the crypto world to Argentina and connecting people through the provision of a perfect payment platform that is powered by Bitcoin, Satoshitango boasts of being one of Argentina’s most renowned Bitcoin exchange services. Since its inception, the exchange has differentiated itself by its ease of use and a client-oriented strategy.

With simple steps, Satoshitango took bitcoin delivery to another level by selling debit cards that could be redeemed online on its platform. Now it has smoothed out its process to fund accounts by using five different methods which are available almost everywhere in Argentina. This exchange also buys Bitcoin and deposits Argentine pesos directly to the recipient’s bank account, or even paying cash by delivering cash to the client’s place of residence.

Amidst the country’s latest political uproar, Satoshitango’s CEO and Co-Founder Matías Bari has succeeded in anchoring this exchange based on a philosophy that seems to be focused on resilience.

Account Verification

If you’ve had some experience opening trading accounts with cryptocurrency exchange websites, you would have noticed there are two different types of account verification processes users might need to take when creating an account with exchange. The first type is easy one and usually requires basic information including email and id verification. The second one is the direct opposite where you are demanded to provide personal information to the exchange before your account can be verified.

On Shatoshitango, traders are able to choose between an email registration or can alternatively choose opt log in with their social network account like Facebook or Google. Creating an account with this exchange gives users the access to buy and sell bitcoin, pay Argentine bills with bitcoin, accept bitcoin payments through the website, request a debit card that you can use anywhere, and top up your mobile phone.

Account activation is only the first part of your verification process. To complete the verification of an account, the user needs to give personal information like the full name; date of birth, National ID or passport number, with requests for photo uploads of the provided documents.

Sadly, if you want to reach this exchange regarding any complaint about your account, the only customer service it has is via the Email channel wherein you can send them an email containing any problems you want to share with the company. You can also reach Satoshitango on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or send a direct email at [email protected]

Trading Platform

If you have been thinking about Satoshitango as a regular exchange website where you get to trade crypto/fiat pairs, then you are strongly advised to stop seeing it that way! This website is merely an exchange since it accepts fiat currency and turns it into bitcoin or accept bitcoin and turn it into fiat currency! Yes, it’s just as simple as that, nothing more. On this website, you are not going to find any trading platforms where you will be able to look into candlestick charts, place different type of market orders or take advantage of margin trading; forget about all those things because you’re definitely not getting them on this exchange!

What Satoshitango offers is pretty simple, just head on to your account, scroll down, and below the “Services” tab you can either buy or sell bitcoin, you can also make a Fiat currency exchange.

Also, this exchange offers a referral program which not only gives users the chance to enjoy their services but make some money by sharing the website with their friends and colleagues. To enter the referral program and enjoy its benefits, all you need to do is to log in to your account and click the “Referral Program” tab. After this, you will be given a link to invite friends and earn 25 percent of fees changed on the first transaction they make. What’s really inspiring is that the referral program goes all the way up to the 3rd level meaning that you will be entitled to receive commissions from the referrals brought by traders introduced by you.

Satoshitango Fees

At the moment, we cannot offer you a detailed schedule of this exchange’s fees, but we discover that Satoshitango only charges 2 percent for every transaction made on its platform. This implies that the exchange only charges 2% of the total bitcoin you are buying and selling.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Directed towards serving mainly Argentina, Satoshitango’s default deposit page is set at Argentinian Pesos. To make a deposit simply go to “My Account” then click on “Fund my account” then select Bank transfer, and select any of the available payment methods such as Pago Facil, BaproPagos, RapiPago, CobroExpress, and Provincia Pagos.

Of course, since the exchange is preparing towards extending their services international, they also receive deposits in US dollars by choosing “International Wire Transfer”; the minimum deposit is $10.00, and the deposit maxes at $10,000. A deposit fee of $20.00 is charged on each transaction made to the account denominated in the USD which is quite high to say the least. The minimum withdrawal amount for US dollar accounts is $1,000 per transaction.

Is Satoshitango Safe?

If you are based in Argentina, and you are having trouble finding where to get bitcoin because of the number of scam exchange websites out there, we advise you to consider Satoshitango since they are focused on the bitcoin market in the region.

Satoshitango offers a user-friendly website with a very informative layout that would not terrify anyone new to buying bitcoin. If the company had a trading platform, this would increase its daily traffic, but for a straight up bitcoin exchange website, Satoshitango is great.