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Royal Noble Group is a broker that provides trading services focused on CFDs and cryptocurrency on international exchanges, has a broad presence, and is capable of providing professional and effective technology and tools to many areas of the world. They are proud to make use of highly-advanced technologies in an attempt to provide their customers with cutting-edge experiences.

This seasoned, safe, and professional online broker has made every effort to allow traders to take advantage of opportunities and to use some advanced financial instruments to make wise, accurate financial decisions. In this review, we will be offering more details about the Royal Noble Group trading offer.

More about Royal Noble Group

Their trading technology is developed on the basis of efficiency, reliability, superior performance, and speed. Royal Noble Group is continuously updating these features to illustrate the demands of an ever-evolving field of trading technologies. They say that they have customized their platforms into a top-notch infrastructure along with high-performance trading solutions optimized for all traders.

Customers of this broker enjoy unrestricted market access derived from the ability to deliver professional services – wherever, whenever. Royal Noble Group is fully committed to providing an outstanding trading climate. According to their clients, the trading platforms are some of the finest on the market today. They deliver instant executions that are free of freezing, lags, or bugs. It’s worth recalling that they are also experts in the technologies of Sirix. The sophisticated trading environment, the excellent spreads, and the professional support staff are all open to traders all over the world. Plus, their offerings are designed to suit both newcomers and pro-traders alike.

The Royal Noble Group trading platforms

There are three traders that this broker offers to its clients. We will talk a bit about each one of them.

The Sirix Web trader

The Sirix Web trader is a Royal Noble Group trading platform built on the basis of the latest web technologies that allow easy setups by simply running the client. This Web trader removes the difficulties of having to download and install a platform, so you can access the market wherever you are, whenever you want. It brings together all the resources required for successful and safe trading in a user-friendly and intuitive environment. Both Mac and Windows browsers can support it, and no installation is needed. The Royal Noble Group Sirix Web trader also supports VPN and proxy links. By using this trader you can:

  • View real-time quotes and enjoy live market updates;

  • Perform instant trade executions on all order types;

  • Open/Manage Pending Orders, Set Limits, and Manage Risks;

  • View prices, execute orders and fill rates instantly.

The classic Web trader

This classic online trading platform is the ideal tool for anybody who wants to check their trading and investing account from anywhere in the world without downloading or installing it. Clients only need to have an internet connection and they are able to exchange. Some of the features of this web trader include:

  • No download or installing;
  • Support for a large number of languages;
  • 24/7 availability for all users.

The mobile trader

Traders don’t have to be stuck in a corner of their house, staring at a large screen, hoping for the right time to start trading. Royal Noble Group knows this and grants you the possibility to do whatever you want and at the same time keep you attached to your business activities. Their mobile trading app allows anyone to view their account from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. This trading software is compliant with Android and iOS systems. Its interface is user-friendly, intuitive, fast, and offers everything that a normal web trader would but at the tip of your fingers.

What are the account types available at Royal Noble Group?

Traders should know that Royal Noble Group has six different account types that they can pick from after creating an account. They are the Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, VIP, and Algo Fund. As an overall view, the minimum required deposit for the Silver account is 250 Euros and the amount goes up as the accounts become more sophisticated. For example, for the VIP account, you will need to deposit at least 150,000 Euros to enjoy its benefits. All the details are clearly highlighted on their official website, so we advise you to pay them a visit.

Safety and security

Royal Noble Group is certainly one of the safest brokers out there. All consumer funds are deposited in separate bank accounts in top-tier banks of Europe. The clients’ accounts are entirely different from the company’s funds. Apparently, they separate them to ensure the clients’ money is not used for any other reason.

They only encourage you to withdraw funds using the same form of payment that was used for the original deposit into your trading account. This broker provides SSL-protected Personal Portal login to ensure your password is safe and anonymous. This ensures that no one except you can enter the portal of your Royal Noble Group. They also have an automated risk control scheme in place that is designed to reduce the risks of an inefficient exchange. This means that your account can never be completely lost which is a very good thing.


Royal Noble Group, with its platform on , is a value-driven CFD and crypto brokerage company that prides itself on integrity, honesty, performance and, most importantly, puts customers and partners at the top of the privileged list by providing the highest level of service possible.

Royal Noble Group believes that your success is also their success and they are actively investing in technology and personnel so that they can distribute custom-built value and high quality. These are words that could encourage any trader, new or seasoned, to at least take a look at this broker and see what they have to offer.

3 thoughts on “Royal Noble Group

  1. Their online tech (web and mobile) is a bit buggy. As far as money handling and trade tracking is concerned; they are a solid solution. Their fees are very low and that alone makes them an easy group to recommend.

  2. I’ve been using Nobel Group for over 2 years and I am happy with the company. The operators are so helpful anytime you call them. Never charge for fees. They are so professional and easy to deal with. I like the platform is easy, fast and I use it from my phone and PC. Everything goes through very fast. Especially right now is the best to trade every day if possible. You have lots of room to play and gain more than before. I split my portfolio, is very diverse like banks, hotels and tech. Soon as I now in the official web to diversify the portfolio I change the way I trade. Now I am happy and I can’t wait to crack more. I highly recommend this trading company.. Besides trading I have a debit card, I can pay Bills, transfer funds. The best way to make money is to trade every day. I made a mistake last year by staying for 6 months but didn’t want to go anywhere. Now every day is better than I thought. You can make living with this income.

  3. I love this company. They have taken such good care of what little money I have. They are wonderful and I am Thankful to them and for them. Always helpful when I call and “bug” them. They do not mind at all. I certainly would recommend them to everyone.

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