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Cryptocurrency exchanges have gained popularity across the world due to the host of digital services and products. This article discusses OKCoin’s main features: fees structure, available payment methods, coin types, and security status. 

What is OKcoin? 

OKCoin was founded in 2013 by Star Xu. The company made its fortune by raising a lot of profit from the original investments in China and the US. It has successfully complied with centralized authorities in Europe and the US to ensure the safety of your assets. The exchange offers fiat trading with superior digital assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic. At the core of their strategy lies the mission to eliminate trading obstacles and boost the efficiency of the transactions. Moreover, OKCoin employs several technology services like Google Analytics to conform to global standards and regulations. 

The broker delivers comprehensive security 24/7 by continuously monitoring transactions and protecting the users against potential threats.

Registration process

The user can sign up using a mobile number or personal email address. After registration, the system will prompt the trader to ensure he has full control over the sites. This involves a thorough review of depository participants for safety purposes.

How Does OKcoin Work?

The exchange offers five cryptocurrency pairs including LTC/CNY and BTC/CNY. They do not charge fees for transactions in CNY but take 0.1% commission for withdrawals. 

okcoin.com aims at bringing the most reliable trading service. It complies with cybersecurity by use of cold wallet technology. Moreover, this is one of the few platforms that allow fiat deposits. The withdrawal follows a similar procedure with wire transfers for fiat money or through the bank account. The cryptocurrency transfer from one digital wallet to another is also available. 

Is OKCoin safe?

OKCoin is one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges. The broker managed to build trust over the years by utilizing advanced encryption technology. For further security, the user is required to perform two-step verification for logins and withdrawals.


  • high liquidity;
  • margin trading;
  • futures markets;
  • competitive transaction fees;
  • highly advanced platform;
  • flat currency wallets for money withdrawals and deposits.


  • long verification process;
  • limited variety of cryptocurrencies for trading.


The OKCoin cryptocurrency exchange has one of the best exchanges to enable advanced trading of common cryptocurrencies. The transactions exhibit high liquidity, whereas the platform is expertly developed. The only negative point is that only 5 pairs are being covered at present.