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OPT Finance

Trading platform name; OPT Finance Review

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OPT Finance is a trading platform that has been developed to offer all in the crypto market the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies and also make huge profits easily. Currently, there are tons of cryptocurrency trading platforms, but one thing that sets them apart from the OPT Finance platform is that they are not as easy to make use of as the OPT Finance trading platform. It has been designed to afford first-time crypto traders the opportunity to successfully trade their cryptos without having much information on cryptocurrencies and how they work.

Unlike most of the  trading platforms, the OPT Finance platform is sophisticated and at the same time easy to make use of. This platform is proof that a trading platform can be sophisticated and at the same time intuitive, simple, and functional.

Trading Platform

One problem that most in the crypto market have had to face is that of having a trading platform that offers them the needed convenience and freedom to view charts, graphs, and real-time market analysis from anywhere they deem fit. While there are tons of  trading platforms, most of them have been designed for expert traders, thus, making it difficult for beginners to start trading quickly. One crypto trading platform that has been designed to offer users the opportunity to trade is the OPT Finance trading platform. We will review this trading platform and how it seeks to impact the crypto industry.

To ensure that users are able to trade cryptocurrencies, a platform has been developed. That trading platform is “Sirix Web Trader.” This trading platform is the custom-made trading platform that has been developed by the OPT Finance. It has been designed with the latest technologies that are capable of making easy setups by simply running routes of applications for users.

One of the main facts that sets this trading platform aside from the others that have been developed prior to this time is that the Sirix Web Trader totally eliminates the need to download as well as install the trading platform. With the Sirix Web Trader platform, crypto traders are able to connect easily anywhere they find themselves. One impressive fact about this trading platform is that it incorporates tons of tools that would help traders successfully trade and make profits. These tools have been incorporated into the creation of a user-friendly, active, and secure trading platform. This trading platform has been designed to be compatible with all browsers on MAC and PC. Users are not required to install nor download anything. Impressively, this trading platform also supports or allows users to connect proxy connections and VPNs.

There are several functions users can use this trading platform for, these functions include but are definitely not limited to these;

  • Users are able to use this trading platform to view live market updates and time quotes.
  • With this trading platform, users are able to execute orders of all types
  • With the Sirix Web Trader, users are able to open as well as manage their pending order. They are also able to set order limits and also manage each risk.
  • With the Sirix Web Trader, they are able to view the price of cryptos, fill the various crypto rates immediately, and execute their orders as well.

The Sirix Web Trader has been designed to meet up with the changing world. This trading platform eliminates the need for users to stay glued or put to a corner looking at large screens. With this trading platform, users are able to view market charts and graphs where ever they deem fit. This trading platform offers traders the needed freedom to move around while still being able to accurately make market decisions. Unlike most of the other trading platforms that would require you to access through large screens, the Sirix Web Trader platform allows users to not only have access to their accounts but also to manage it through their smartphones and other hand-held devices like tablets, , etc. Being forward thinking, the team behind the development of this trading platform has made it compatible with various operating systems (OS). It can be used on the Android, IOS, Windows, and all HTML 5 based devices. You can quickly download this platform from the Android PlayStore.

Some of the main features of this trading platform include:

  1. The Sirix Web Trader displays all order types and functions as well as symbols.
  2. It offers users 100% crypto trading; it offers users real-time crypto market prices and tools that would help them trade.
  3. Complete functionality: it is designed in such a way that all functions of a trading platform have been incorporated
  4. It is user-friendly; it is designed to ensure that those with little or no knowledge of how cryptocurrencies and  trading platforms work are able to easily trade their cryptos. Asides from being easy to use, this trading platform is convenient to make use of, it is intuitive, it is fast and completely simple to make use of.
  5. Currency charts; the Sirix Web Trader displays profits and losses in real time. It also makes them as interactive as possible.
  6. Users are up to date; this trading platform keeps users up to date with the current happenings in the crypto market.
  7. History; this trading platform offers users the opportunity to access historical price dates of cryptocurrencies, and it makes this information easy to access.

This trading platform could be referred to as the ideal platform for all those that would love to trade cryptocurrencies without having to download or install any application. It has been designed for those that would want to trade conveniently from anywhere in the world. These features set it apart from any of the other crypto trading platforms that have been developed. To ensure that people from around the world are able to access this trading platform, it has been designed in multiple languages. This clearly shows that they want to reach a global audience.

The OPT Finance trading platform offers the user the opportunity to choose from the various account types. It has about six (6) trading account types that users can choose from. The account types include;

  • The Basic account type
  • The Silver account type
  • The Gold account type
  • The Platinum account type
  • The VIP account type
  • The ALGO Fund account type.

Bear in mind that each of these account types comes with a commission. The Basic account type happens to have the higher commission which is 5% of the total transaction cost.

When it comes to security, the OPT Finance trading platform is extremely secure. Unlike most of the other  trading platforms that have been developed, OPT Finance makes the safety and security of users as their top priority. Asides from having a strict privacy and information policy, the trading platform holds the funds of users in a separate segregated account which is entirely different from the account of the company. The funds of users are being kept in one of the most reputable financial institutions in the European Union (EU). Certain new technologies have been integrated to ensure that all deposits and withdrawals that are carried out on the trading platform are secure. Also, the trading platform does not allow any other person asides the account holder to make deposits nor withdrawals. Also, to ensure that it is transparent, third parties and anonymous accounts cannot make deposits or even withdraw on the platform.

Deposits And Withdrawal

Using the OPT Finance trading app, users can fund or make deposits into their account from anywhere they deem fit. This trading platform offers its users the opportunity to make deposits through the following payment methods;

  • Direct bank transfer
  • E-wallet
  • Debit/ credit cards
  • Swift and other electronic payment methods.

When deposits or accounts are funded through any of the payment method mentioned above, the OPT Finance trading platform completes all credit card deposits instantly. Although this depends on if the transfer has been cleared by the trading platform. This crypto trading platform would not accept either third-party deposits nor will it accept anonymous transfers. While making transfers, users will have to accept that the transferred funds would only be sent to his/her account when the trading platform has confirmed that the sender of the funds is the same person as the account holder. If in the event that the trading platform has confirmed that the sender is not the same person as the account holder, they would have to refund the sent amount. Bear in mind that the fees to be refunded would be duly charged before it is being sent back and it will be sent back through the exact payment method the deposit was made. With this, users will have to pick a separate account that they would have to use to make deposits on the trading platform.

These are the steps to take if you want to make deposits on this trading platform;

To make deposits on your account, you will first have to login to the OPT Finance trading platform. You will be required to make use of the login credential that was sent to you via email when your registration process was completed. Once you have successfully been logged-in on the trading platform, you would have to click on the “Deposit Fund” tab. You will then be required to choose your preferred payment method. Once a payment method has been selected from the list made available, you can then choose the amount that is to be transferred. Remember that each deposit that is carried out with credit cards are carried out instantly.

For those seeking to make transfers with their credit cards, they would be required to send a scanned copy of their credit card. This scanned copy is expected to clearly display the following information;

  • It should show the name of the owner of the card
  • The last four digits of the card should display
  • The expiry date of the credit card should be made visible as well.

When making deposits with credit cards, bear in mind that credit cards come with a 20,000 unit limit each month. If you exceed this limit, the trading platform will not fund your account; the sent funds would be refunded.


The withdrawals of users will only be confirmed if the account holder sends an application for withdrawal. This request can be made on the trading OPT Finance trading platform. For withdrawals to be confirmed, users will have to accept that the funds to be withdrawn would be sent through the exact payment method that the deposit was made as well as would be sent back to the exact remitter. If the user agrees to this term, the withdrawal once approved will be sent to the account holder.

Unlike most trading platforms or trading platforms, the OPT Finance trading platform does not charge a commission for withdrawals. The trading platform, on the one hand, is able to reject the withdrawal request of users if they request that their funds be sent to another payment method which is different from that which the deposit was made. On this note, the trading platform can decide to decline such request.

Each withdrawal request that has been submitted to the trading platform would only be approved or looked into if it meets the following requirements;

  1. The withdrawal request is expected to contain all necessary information like; the account number which the funds are to be sent to, the account name, the exact amount that is to be withdrawn as well as the currency which the funds are to be sent in.
  2. The withdrawal request should include that the funds are sent to the account of the user
  3. The amount that is to be transferred should be less than the free margin of the user. This means that the amount of money to be withdrawn should not be more than that in the account of the user.
  4. All requests for withdrawals that are made on days that are not working days would be looked into the next working day.
  5. As with deposits, the OPT Finance trading platform would never send funds to third parties nor will funds be sent to anonymous accounts.

In the event that the trading platform discovers that the withdrawal to be made is not safe, it may decide to decline the withdrawal request. Upon registering on this trading platform, users will have to agree that in the event that a request is not legitimate, the trading platform would reserve the right to decline or delay the request.

On this trading platform, all wire transfers would be charged a little commission. Also, the minimum withdrawal amount that users can request for is about £40, but are able to withdraw as much as possible.

The OPT Finance trading platform affords users the opportunity to transfer funds to other clients. Users seeking to transfer funds to other users will have to submit a form that has been signed. This form would request for the transaction to be carried out between these two users. If the trading platform deems it fit that the transaction between these two users is not confirmed legitimate, it may decide to either decline the request or delay the request until it has confirmed that the transaction is legitimate.

The OPT Finance trading platform affords users the opportunity to make transfers in the following currencies. These currencies are; the British Pound (GBP), Euro, the US Dollar, the Swiss Francs, and the Polish Zloty.

For those seeking to make deposits with credit cards, the OPT Finance trading platform accepts the following cards;

  • MasterCard
  • Visa


Advantages Of The OPT Finance Trading Platform

Some of the advantages of the OPT Finance trading platform include;

  • This platform has been designed for all those with little or no knowledge of cryptocurrencie.
  • The OPT Finance trading platform offers users access to real-time data, market prices, charts, and graphs that would help them make an informed decision
  • This trading platform is convenient to make use of
  • This trading platform supports multiple languages, thus, making it a global trading platform
  • It supports several payment methods
  • It supports tons of currencies
  • It offers users unlimited access to price history data and also real-time market prices
  • It is a safe trading platform
  • This trading platform is transparent in the sense that no anonymous transaction can be carried out
  • It affords users the opportunity to transfer funds to other users on the platform as quickly as possible
  • It is compatible with several operating systems and can be accessed with hand-held devices like smartphones, tablets, PC’s, etc.
  • All credit card transfers are carried out instantly. This means that the platform has the interest of users in mind.

Disadvantages Of The OPT Finance Trading Platform

While the OPT Finance has certain advantages that set it apart from most of the other crypto trading platforms, it has certain disadvantages as well. These disadvantages include;

  • Funds to be withdrawn would have to be less than that in the account of the user
  • Users will find it difficult to transfer or make withdrawals to other accounts as they would have to scan various documents.


Jacob Lucas

Jacob Lucas

Jacob has been active in the cryptocurrency markets since 2010, specializing in Bitcoin. He received education as Certified public accountant, specializing in taxes and cost management. Looking for alternative sources of income due to some personal struggles Jacob discovered Bitcoin 2010, showing some commitment and first to learn and get all the basics. Jacob made his fists investment in bitcoin in 2011 and has been successful in the field. Writing in the field is part of Jacob’s commitment to share knowledge with others.


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OPTfinance review

OPTfinance review

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