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To be clear, this is a Nittrex Review.

Even if Nittrex markets itself as a trusted online cryptocurrency-oriented platform, we can safely say that they are a SCAM only interested in stealing money from the clients. Let us give you a clue. Have you ever even heard of Nittrex? Well, nobody has and that’s because all of their customers have quickly understood that they are not worth anybody’s time.

According to their official website, they are a platform that provides mining services through a cloud solution. This is very sketchy especially because there is absolutely no mention of the blocks that they have mined. As for their other services, like crypto trading, they are also shady, mostly because there is no volume reported anywhere on the platform. Here are more details on why you should never put your money with this SCAM broker.

Nittrex is an unsafe SCAM

Clearly, one of the most important reasons why you should never trust Nittrex has to do with the fact that it is unregulated, unlicensed, and mostly anonymous and invisible. This is a huge red flag that should make you back away slowly and never look behind you. You definitely have other trustworthy brokers that you can turn to if you want to trade crypto, just not this one.

Their official website displays their head office as being located in Belgium, with some support departments in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. A Czech company is also displayed on their website but that is obviously unrelated to Nittrex, as the said company is a car and tire manufacturer.

Unregulated brokers use a simple tactic to obtain people’s money and personal information. Traders are first convinced to make an immediate deposit through repetitive phone calls or e-mails.

Furthermore, many promotions and offers that seem to be exceptional will be made available in order to entice people to become their prey. If you make your first deposit, you will be trapped in an endless cycle that will continue to extort money from you by promising more and more discounts and insane benefits. Most probably, Nittrex is one of those brokers and this is why you should think twice before registering on their platform.

Do not register on Nittrex

Our advice is to not register on Nittrex because you will end up losing your money. It’s also important to note that apart from the fact that they use the names of unrelated companies to look legit, there are a lot of details missing from their website. Nittrex doesn’t mention a minimum required to deposit anywhere and there are no trading conditions available. Plus, they also have a bizarre withdrawal policy that screams SCAM from a mile!

Their Terms and Conditions page mentions the fact that Nittrex can deny any withdrawal for any reason they want, without offering explanations. Clearly, they will do that to steal your money. Moreover, their web-based trading platform is extremely simple and looks like a twelve-year-old has created it. Nittrex has no specified spreads, no leverage, and no minimum deposit mentioned.

We must advise against providing SCAMS like Nittrex with your personal and bank details which they require when making an account. These unregulated brokers use that info and steal your money and maybe even more. Clearly, this platform is not legit and you should never register or make any deposit on it.

There are also multiple testimonies from lots of people who have been tricked by Nittrex online, which brings us to the next point.

Make your bad experience known

Telling others about your negative encounter with Nittrex will be very beneficial. You can accomplish this by leaving real feedback about your issues with this broker on different review websites and informing your fellow traders about what occurred to you.

There is also a standard tactic used by these brokers after they have been exposed as sketchy. They usually change their websites and approach former customers in order to encourage them to become “victims” once more. If this happens to you, do not be afraid to expose them and make the world aware of who they are!


All in all, Nittrex is not only an unregulated and bizarre online broker but it’s also a dangerous one that could steal your personal information and bank details and use them against you. Such scammers should never be provided with your data because they will most probably close your card the next second and you will suffer from that.

As a trader, you always have other trustworthy options to turn to and it is up to you to decide where you wish to put your money. Nittrex is a SCAM that should never be trusted and should even be punished for its actions. Until that happens, stay away from them and expose them wherever you can!


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