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Nexus Point Capital trading platform

Nexus Point Capital is an online cryptocurrency trading platform that offers various services related to trading on cryptocurrencies along with several resources that allow the users to learn trading and trade with calculated risk.

Nexus Point Capital allows the users across the globe to trade from anywhere within a few clicks. The global market has been flourishing since the arrival of cryptos and technological advancements have made it simple to trade them internationally. Moreover, investors around the world are also looking for diversification for their portfolios, and what could be better than taking the first step in the fascinating cryptocurrencies world? Nexus P Capital opens a new door for traders across the globe to trade in the international market. The leading broker provide the users’ state of art trading platform not only for desktop but also for mobile that allows traders to stay connected to various trading instruments on the go.

Nexus Point Capital dedicated trading platform is available for web and mobile. The trading app is available for iOS and Android and the Sirix & Sirix Webtrader, the most advanced trading platform is also available for pro traders. Let’s learn more about the platform and various aspects that make it an ideal platform for both the beginner and advanced traders.

Nexus Point Capital account

The broker offers six different types of trading accounts namely: Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, VIP and Algo Fund. With these six types of account, the company aims to target all levels of traders availing the benefits of stepping up as they trade. Users can opt for six different levels of trading account which suits their requirements and expertise. These accounts vary from each other in terms of the trading fees, commission, deposit, withdrawal and several other functionalities which are discussed later in this review. Depending on your experience level you can opt for one of them and as you gain experience you can always advance the account status.

Trading platforms available on Nexus Point Capital

Nexus Point Capital provides the most advanced Sirix Web trader and dedicated mobile cryptocurrencies  trading platform for both iOS and Android. The Sirix Web trader is feature-rich trading platform powered the latest web trading technologies which eliminate all the hassle of downloading and setting up. The trading platform comes with all the necessary tools along with an interactive user interface that allows users to trade effectively and securely. Here are some of the key features of Sirix web trader:

  •       View real-time price and other updates
  •       Open/Manage Pending Order, Set Limits and Manage Risk
  •       Buy and sell instantly without the hassle
  •       Place any type of orders instantly
  •       Support both Mac and Windows
  •       Rrock-solid customer support for global traders

Talking about dedicated mobile platforms of Nexus Point Capital’s Sirix is also available for iOS, Windows and Android devices. Trade on the go and never miss the opportunity to trade big and win. With the mobile version of Sirix, you can execute the transactions right at your fingertips with, modify the orders, check your portfolio and a lot of other things. Here are some of the key features of Sirix mobile trading app:

  •       Fast, simple and convenient UI
  •       Around the clock uptime
  •       Close the current position and open a new one at your fingertips
  •       Execute the orders on the go
  •       Real-time profit/loss & interactive currency charts
  •       Historical price charts, indicators, moving averages included

Account types and fees

As mentioned before, Nexus P Capital offers six different types of trading accounts that vary with trading fees, commission, leverage, etc. Here is the complete detail of various aspects related to each type of account. Few important aspects of each type of account mentioned below in the table.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that some basic features come along with all these types of account for free. For instance, access to SIRIX Webtrader, SIRIX Social, SIRIX Tablet, SIRIX Mobile, Technical Analysis Reports, and Market Analysis and News are additional features which users don’t have to pay for.

Safety and security of the funds and transaction

Nexus Point Capital takes ultimate care when it comes to the security of the fund and user privacy. When it comes to funding the company believes in keeping the firm’s funds and users’ fund separate from each other. The funds are scattered in top-class banks of Europe. When required, the company doesn’t bother to use cold storage for the safety and security of cryptocurrencies. In addition to that, users who want to trade with the platform requires to go through AML/KYC processes which prevent the illegal activities on the platform. Privacy is another aspect that the platform prioritizes over all other features. Hence, one does not need to worry whether privacy is being compromised or not.

Rock-solid support

Since, the cryptocurrencies market operates 24hrs, around the clock support becomes necessary especially when the global traders are involved. Nexus Point Capital ensures the user prompt customer support with the provided number and chats option.

Final thoughts…

The platform offers dedicated crypto trading services which not only help you to learn the subject but also help you to improve your trading skills while minimizing the risk. Since cryptocurrencies are highly volatile you need to trade with precautions. Make sure you use all the provided facilities and tools in your benefit to trade for profit and calculate the risk.