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  1. I am from South Africa and been trading for 5 years now. I’ve had many brokers, good, bad and ugly. nexus has made me very happy

  2. So far, so good, no problems, been using them since last Sep, quick response from customer service and very helpful.
    For new traders, in general that i found all brokers and platforms do have the same infrastructure, so there is nothing new to it.
    Overall still my choice of broker

  3. I have had a long and successful run with Nexus and consider them to be one of the most reliable brokers on the market. Their platform is excellent for newbies – it’s user friendly and offers a flexible position size. The customer support is always friendly and helpful..I give them 4 out of 5 stars because of the wide spreads on the weekends and the relatively low leverage; apart from that, I recommend Nexus to all beginners and more advanced traders.

  4. Honestly, nexus is best of the brokers that I have used.
    And I have used and am still using about three others brokers.
    Regardless of what others say, my experience with them has totally changed my opinion about forex.
    Forex can be profitable, thanks to nexus
    Withdrawal is excellent even in local currency, no complain so far, the service is excellent.

  5. I hear people complain about losing money trading online, sometimes its due to making wrong trade decisions, to be honest you will need a professional person that will help manage your account, so you can make profits, following a particular trade strategy, thank goodness I met a fantastic Account manager, he helped and guided me to the secrets of trading, now I’m making a hell of a profit, Well 20-50 USD per day is really good for me.

  6. I have been investing pretty badly for a while now I used some few apps for that but it didn’t go as planned, was kinda frustrated cause I had no idea on how this goes.
    But thank goodness I saw positive reviews here about Nexus. They helped me invest in their company and I’ve made tons of profits with their help. Had recommendations from my colleagues at work also, so I decided to try him out and it turned out to be the best method I have ever seen.
    Easy to withdraw at any time, you have full access to your account anytime, totally reliable, gain more profit after a week of investing etc.
    I’ll totally recommend Nexus to anyone who wants to invest in bitcoin.

  7. Nice service, never had any problem with Nexus. They are a way more reliable company than others and without asking source of funds so often for transactions as other companies do.

  8. I joined this broker a few months ago. The staff is very helpful and friendly, in my case it was time consuming for them since I had lots of questions.I have just invested $210 through wiretransfer. After 6 weeks I`ve made some profit and wanted to withdraw, just to test them. I got my money back within 4 days. I chose this broker because of recommendation of friends

  9. When it comes to investments, diversification is key. I’m partially into real estate, but more into trading now. Though I’m new in trading but I’ve made lots of profits in just a few months of trading. It really wasn’t my doing though. The support staff and account managers are really good and patient at Nexus P Capital.

  10. I have not went live yet because I had some concerns, but after chatting with this broker I am depositing in to my Live account soon.They seem to be reliable after our chat, and custom service answered all of my questions in good timing.I went to Forex Peace Army in search for a good honest broker with good perks and this is the broker that grabbed my attention the most by their reviews.I just hope everything goes well once I go Live.

  11. You know that feeling when your hard earned money is being taken from you all in the name of Forex trading, Binary trading, ICO along with others ? Well i do and i also remember how i stumbled upon a saving angel at Nexus, they were happy to help me and they just explain the way things worked and that made the world of difference. Lets hope they not like the rest, but im certain they a great company for once.

  12. very much impressed by cooperation with nexus i making progress and profit.
    The company suits me perfectly,good support service and a good feedback.
    I hope that this company will only improve its services in future and trading with this broker will become even more comfortable

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