MiningBtc Review –

To be clear, this is a MiningBtc Review.

As an online cloud investment platform, MiningBtc could look promising and even professional for some. The reality, unfortunately, is completely different. Sadly, the only people making a profit from it are its creators, not its clients.

MiningBtc has been on the market for less than a year. This is a big reason to question its professionalism among other reasons that we will present in this MiningBtc review. Some of those include the bizarre withdrawal policy that drives people away from it, hence the small level of popularity. Here are more details about this online broker and why you should avoid it at all costs!

miningbtc review

About the MiningBtc offer

MiningBtc claims to be a cloud mining platform as well as a crypto trading one. This presentation could make some people, especially beginners, take a second look at it. Even the way their website looks can be deceiving for someone who lacks experience. Everything is neat, professional-looking, the website is user-friendly, and offers a lot of information.

By using their call-to-action, potential clients can begin their adventure by owning a mining rig. Cloud mining services are offered at a specific rate. Customers get promised profit margins too. In fact, signing up and opening an account on Mining Btc is fairly easy and quick. The biggest problem here is their account verification procedure.

Sketchy verification procedure

In order to get verified, they will ask you to send some important documents. These include credit card details and bank statements. They also request a copy of your ID. Considering that they can verify you by sending SMS codes or e-mails, why do they need these documents? Well, the answer is fairly obvious. These kinds of firms are harvesting banking information from their clients. They will probably make purchases in your name or create completely new personas based on your info. Do you want to get involved with such a thing? We didn’t think so either.

On the MiningBtc trading plans

MiningBtc has four different trading plans that they offer. They are called the Basic, Starter, Standard, and Enterprise plans. Each of them has specific contract periods that gradually increase. The biggest problem? There is no proof anywhere that someone has ever made money using them! Most likely, they are all fictitious and only there as a way to steal money.

We would also like to warn you about their affiliate programs. These offer referral commissions to you for bringing in new clients. However, considering that MiningBtc is a scam, you will get more people in trouble by directing them to this platform. Moreover, the authorities might even consider you an accomplice and you might end up in trouble. Stay away from such services and scam brokers!

No support system and a short-term website

A communication channel is available for clients on the official webpage. You need to leave a message and someone will get back to you. However, nobody ever does that. There is also no live chat, e-mail address, or phone number where you can contact them. Why? It’s because they don’t want to be found!

Their domain is also extremely new and shares the same server with some other scam websites. It also presents various modifications in a short span of time. This proves that their website is short-term and only used for scams. When it comes to the actual scam, you must know how it works. After signing a 180-day contract with them, your balance will start increasing. This will make you believe that you have a lot of money to get. Sadly, withdrawing them is impossible as the broker won’t let you do it. The problem is that there’s nothing you can do. Besides that, the platform will probably shut down soon and move elsewhere.

Conclusion of our MiningBtc Review

To wrap it all up, Mining Btc is clearly a scam platform only aiming to steal money. It is not regulated at all, so your funds are clearly not safe with them. Nor is your personal and bank data. We strongly advise you to stay away from this platform and to let everybody around you know about it. Nobody should ever fall victim to such scams and neither should you!

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