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Established in 2008, the cryptocurrency, Forex, and CFD exchange Guggenheim Trade offers its clients all ranges of trading and investing services, regardless if they are beginners or have at least a little bit of experience. Its trading platforms can help people individually, based on their level of knowledge, to trade and invest safely and securely. They have been especially-adapted to fit every need, no matter how experienced the person using them is.

The Guggenheim Trade social platform is highly-advanced meant to offer smarter and simpler trading experiences, which makes this exchange a leading and trustworthy one in the industry. In our opinion, Guggenheim Trade deserves all your attention as an established exchange. According to them, their goal is to offer a personalized customer experience through a client-oriented and completely transparent approach.

The first steps

The first step, in case you want to choose Guggenheim Trade as your trusted cryptocurrency, Forex, and CFD broker, would be to open an account. This can easily be done by clicking on the Start Trading button on the top right corner of their official website. Then you will need to choose the Sign Up option and fill in your details. You will be requested to type in your First Name, Last Name, E-mail address, Phone number, Country, your currency of choice, and to set up a password.

After that, you will also need to confirm your residency, that you are over 18, and that you agree to Guggenheim Trade’s use of data, Privacy Policy, KYC, Terms and Conditions, and all the other standard documentation. Now you only need to click on Open an Account and your adventure begins!

Account types

Guggenheim Trade offers its clients five different types of accounts that anyone can choose from, depending on their prior experience with trading and investing. This broker prides itself on its flexibility and the freedom that it offers to each of its customers. Each account has its own features and trading conditions and you will be granted the possibility to only trade at the level that you feel comfortable with, with no restrictions or hidden fees.

At Guggenheim Trade you have five types of accounts to pick from Standard, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. You can find all the details on their official website but as a summary, all accounts offer you access to a video library, daily market analysis, a personal trading advisor, access to 24/7 customer service, social trading, daily recommendations, special score differences, exclusive updates, and, of course, trading for all levels. The minimum deposit for the Silver account is $2,500, for the Gold one is $10,000, while for the Platinum one is $50,000, just to offer you a teaser.

About Guggenheim’s trading platform

The Guggenheim Trade trading platform is highly-advanced and offers everyone the possibility to trade safely and securely with just a reliable internet connection. Firstly, your identity will always be safe and you will enjoy the security of an encrypted system. Then, you will be able to take advantage of tutorials from a personal bookkeeper who will guide you every step of the way. Thirdly, Guggenheim Trade offers advanced trading features that include:

  • Real-time price charts
  • Trade history
  • Educational resources
  • Super easy-to-use charting tools.

You can be anywhere in the world and you will still be able to trade with no issues whatsoever.

Funds and transactions

Guggenheim Trade assures every client that their money will always be safe. This exchange works within some highly-secure encryption systems that will protect the user’s personal data and identity. Moreover, these systems always store the portfolio investments offline so that no ill-intended parties can have access to them.

Also, you can use any preferred method to make a deposit (credit card, debit card, phone transaction), choose your preferred currency, and you will be good to go. Your funds and gains will stay safe until you decide to withdraw them, which is also a process that requires thorough verification, again, for your safety.

Client support

The Guggenheim Trade client support service is a very qualitative one. First of all, every client will benefit from tutorials and assistance from a personal bookkeeper every step of the way. Also, the client support system is available 24/7 via e-mail, phone, or live chat, so you can always ask any questions that you may have and receive a professional and quick answer. The support team is very dedicated and deeply care about their customers and the experience they have.


Guggenheim Trade has fairly low trading commissions, only 0,87%. Another advantage of this exchange is that it allows everyone to deposit their money in a free wallet on their platform so you can always keep them safe. You are free to trade cryptocurrencies, Forex, and CFDs.


  • Easy-to-use and scalable trading platform;
  • Fairly low commissions;
  • Over 250 crypto pairs to choose from;
  • Five accounts to pick from, depending on your experience;
  • Highly-professional customer support service.


  • You might have to invest quite a bit more in order to have really big gains;
  • The website is not perfect and can definitely be improved;
  • The withdrawal process is not very clear on the website.


All in all, Guggenheim Trade is definitely worth taking into consideration, especially if you are a beginner trader and investor. Their platform is very intuitive and easy-to-use and the customer service is top-notch. This will help you a lot, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience. Other than that, Guggenheim Trade is, without a doubt, a trustworthy and complete crypto, Forex, and CFD broker that will do anything to satisfy its customers. Should you choose it? It’s definitely up to you but we advise for it.


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