Forex Price Market Review –

In this Forex Price Market review we`ll show you why this is not the kind of online trading broker that helps you make money. On the contrary, if you are willing to wait and wait endlessly t receive some money, it’s your business. However, we strongly advise you to stay away from this service as we have every reason to believe that it’s a SCAM.

Forex Price Market Review

Forex Price Market is also known as FPM and has been receiving negative feedback for quite a while. Most forex community members are aware that this service is not doing anything for its clients apart from stealing their money. People’s accounts often get blocked for no reason so that they don’t receive their money. In this Forex Price market review, we will be detailing some of the reasons why no trader should ever trust this platform.

Forex Price Market review

Their website and its homepage look rather professional. However, it hits you with over-the-top offers and spreads that start at 1.8 with 0.01 micro lot trading. They only advertise incredibly high profits that are completely unrealistic. The minimum required deposit is only $100, which is far below the average. This is a clear strategy to draw people in and to make them deposit a small sum for supposedly big gains. This will never happen.

Opening an account on Forex Price Market is rather easy. You only have to complete a form with your personal details and that’s all. However, once you need to get verified, the issues begin. The website will ask for documents like your ID, bank statements, and credit card details. This is an antiquated method that only helps them obtain your data for nefarious purposes. Nowadays, online services only need your phone number or e-mail address in order to perform a verification. Clearly, this is a red flag that shouldn’t be ignored.

Fake registration details

Another huge problem with Forex Price Market is the fact that they use fake registration details. After thorough research, we discovered that Forex Price Market Ltd doesn’t exist and is using fictitious registration details. IFSC has never registered this company even if they claim so on the website. Again, there is no clearer evidence that this platform is a money-stealing scam.

Never let yourself be fooled by what a website claims. Those promises and details are only there to offer fake hopes and attract as many people as possible. None of these people will make money and the owners are fully aware of that.

No withdrawals allowed

There is also a huge number of negative comments from former clients all over the internet. In their over four years of activity, the majority of the feedback is negative. Nobody has ever been able to prove that this website allows withdrawals.

According to multiple testimonies, once a client requests a withdrawal, their account gets blocked immediately. This is done in order for the person to not be able to contact the company anymore. In case this happens to you, it’s a done deal! Those people will get your personal details and money too. This is why you should never deposit on Forex Price Market.

Their trading offer is also incredibly weak. There are no account types to pick from. It’s enough to deposit any sum and you will have an account. There are no details about what they offer. There are also no deposit or payment options displayed on the website. It’s like a treasure hunt where you need to discover things that should be clearly explained to you.

Forex Price Market Review Conclusion

Finally, it should be pretty clear by now that this online service is a scam that only wants to trick people. Remember that your money and personal details will never be safe with an unregulated broker. You will never be able to get your money back because there is no way of contacting them at all. This Forex Price Market review was meant as a warning for anyone who even thinks of working with them. If you care about your money and personal data, don’t do it!


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