Deribit review

What is Deribit

Deribit is a platform that appeared in the financial market in 2016. It provides users with favorable conditions for trading options and futures on Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The company’s activities are regulated in Amsterdam and the main office is also located there.

Deribit’s Services

The platform offers its users a wide selection of trading options. They have access to both futures trading and options. Trading is conducted with leverage up to 1:10 and credit up to 100s for futures. Deribit customers also have the ability to carry out margin trading.

Also on the exchange trading is available on perpetual contracts and options. Four types of orders are available for futures instruments:

  • Limit

Placed with a pre-set cost. Terminates only after manual execution or deletion.

  • Market

Execution occurs immediately.

  • Stop market

A market order with which a stop loss is set and executed at a market price.

  • Stop limit

It is similar to the previous one, but here a limit order is used with a stop.

In order for users to have constant access to the trading platform, the company has created a mobile application. Available for iOS and Android.

The main advantages of the site can also be added loyal trading commissions, large leverage, training programs, a demo account, a mobile application and cold storage of cryptocurrencies.

How To Trade On Deribit

Deribit platform offers its users perpetual futures, which are ordinary contracts without an expiration date. You can also navigate between trading options using the left menu, and between Bitcoin and Ethereum using the tabs at the top.

For novice traders who do not have sufficient experience in trading on the exchange, there is a demo account. Thus, users get the opportunity to access the functionality of the project and at the same time do not risk their own funds, since trading is carried out using virtual money. The site even has an informative blog that contains useful articles and educational programs.

Another advantage of Deribit is that on the trading platform itself there are many functions related to managing accounts. For example, a client can create several additional sub-accounts, set up cross-margin between them and get a full report on trading statistics.

Is Deribit Safe?

Unfortunately, the exchange is not regulated by any authority and does not have a license. But project documentation and the location of the main office are publicly available to users.

Review results 

Deribit is a stock exchange that appeared on the Internet four years ago. The site’s interface is presented in several languages ​​at once, which indicates the company’s orientation to the international financial market.

Although the organization tries to provide its customers with the most comfortable and favorable conditions, the convenience of the site leaves much to be desired and looks a little unfinished. Besides, traders should clearly assess possible trading risks and read the rules of cooperation before registering for the project. 


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