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What is DDEX.io?

DDEX is a new generation cryptocurrency exchange that is distinguished by its decentralized approach. The broker does not rely on third parties to hold users’ assets; It works with crypto-wallets without intermediaries and on the condition of complete anonymity. This technology is more effective than any modern banking can offer.

Platform Review

The website ddex.io is a decentralized hybrid cryptocurrency exchange that runs on the Hydro scheme. Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens are sold here; the founders plan to introduce QTUM. MetaMask, Ledger, Brave, Cipher, Toshi, Trust, Dapp Browser are also supported on the platform. 

The DDEX exchange interface provide English and Chinese languages. The main trading volume falls on the following pairs: ETH / USDT, ETH / USDC, ETH / DAI. The key feature of the exchange is transactions. They do not have a commission for depositing and withdrawing funds, only 0.1% (+ GAS) will be taken from the transaction.

How Does DDEX Exchange Work

DDEX is a decentralized platform, without targeted regulation and dependency on online intermediaries. In terms of the trading process, it is the same as Coinbase or Bitstamp, so you can sell some assets in exchange for others. The fundamental difference from these exchanges is that the ddex.io portal does not have separate accounts for user operations. 

This ensures the complete anonymity of transactions and increases the potential of blockchain technologies in this area. Unlike traditional fiat money, any cryptocurrency can be traded according to this scheme. 

How To Trade On DDEX Exchange

To buy or sell cryptocurrency on the ddex.io website, you need to find the corresponding button. It is cross-cutting and located in different parts of the main page. When you click on the button, the site will open the platform for trading. The exchange is secure and provides an instant e-currency converting, so trading will not involve any difficulties. 

The platform contains the following features:

  • currency pair selection (located in the upper left corner);
  • the left block, responsible for the type of operation (purchase or sale), indicates the amount of currency available for the transaction. Margin trading is based on the leverage selected – from 1: 1 to 1: 5
  • price chart (located in the central part of the screen). You can change its appearance, time, and period. Also, the range of asset prices and transaction volumes for the selected time are presented on the top of the chart;
  • open orders book, which displays a list of offers for buying and selling.

The main feature of the trading process is the possibility of sealing multiple deals at a time. This tech advancement rules out the potential for conflict that occurs when two traders want to close a deal on one order. 

Is DDEX Safe?

Since DDEX belongs to the category of decentralized platforms, reliability and security factors are defined as follows:

  • no personal information is required during the registration process;
  • identification phrase is stored externally;
  • money is not stored on the exchange, it is not used even as a buffer storage.

All operations occur through smart contracts and are controlled by users.

According to professional investors and private customers reviews, the crypto exchange is rated with A + security. At the moment, there is no feedback from ordinary users since the project has been recently introduced to the industry. Even though, there is enough reason to consider the benefits of the exchange.  

Review Summary 

The exchange is relatively new, thus it is too early to claim a guaranteed profit investment. Many young start-ups end up with nothing, which points to the high professionalism of the project founders. Nevertheless, DDEX was given a favorable opinion and recommendations by an external crypto-analyst. Further, this project can be considered a success because it maintains “staying in business” vibe.