Capital Trade Hub Review

Capital Trade Hub is the kind of online trading broker and mining platform that promises more than it can possibly offer. The fact that the official website hits you with the claim that you can make consistent ROIs is unfortunate because it’s simply not true. As long as the market is volatile, the prices will undoubtedly change. So, making consistent ROIs with this broker is impossible and only meant to draw in inexperienced clients.

In this Capital Trade Hub review, we will be revealing most of the reasons that made us NOT RECOMMEND it to anyone looking to be profitable. This is an online broker that only promises and doesn’t deliver like so many others, unfortunately. Here is what you should know about it and why you should keep away from it!

Capital Trade Hub review

Capital Trade Hub review

Capital Trade Hub looks like the kind of online service that seems to offer everything. From forex, crypto, and stock trading to Bitcoin mining, you can do it all. The sad reality is that you cannot do anything. Their nice-looking and intuitive website can easily trick inexperienced possible clients, and that’s exactly what they’re counting on. For starters, most pages on the website lead to the signup section. This is like pressing the person to create an account on your webpage as quickly as possible.

If you look beyond that, you will notice that this broker offers two separate account types. The first package consists of daily plans which are called basic, standard, platinum, and exclusive. To offer you an idea about their lies, for the basic account, they claim that you can make 1.5 to 2% daily ROI. Considering that the minimum required deposit is $3,200, which is huge, this is incredibly risky. It just doesn’t fit right and screams SCAM. They want you to lose your money.

The weekly package includes ruby, eminent, magnificent, and premium plans. Another example of their trickery is the fact that the ruby plan promises a 12% weekly ROI. This is impossible and insane to even consider. Moreover, according to Capital Trade Hub, you don’t have to know anything about trading to join. In other words, just give them your money and wait for the results that will never come. As we’ve said, this is clearly a SCAM.

The Capital Trade Hub regulation problem

Capital Trade Hub is not a regulated online trading broker. Even if they claim to be residing in Canada, they offer no proof of their regulation or license. The only thing they display on the website is a Belize certificate which should never be taken seriously. We know that this is an offshore regulatory body with no authority whatsoever.

As for the people owning this business, there is one Noah Bouchard displayed on the website along with a few other people. The problem is that there is no way of contacting any of them. At a first glance, they seem fake and displayed for marketing purposes.

Deposit and withdrawal issues

Capital Trade Hub is also lying about the affiliate commissions. Those are supposedly growing depending on what type of account you pick. However, there is no proof of anyone ever receiving these commissions. In fact, there is no proof of anyone ever being able to withdraw money from this broker.

They only accept cryptocurrency as payment and that’s because they don’t comply with the KYC rules. Considering the fact that this is an unregulated broker, they can do anything with your money. In their over 200 days of supposed activity, there hasn’t been one single positive review about this platform. Moreover, the website apparently shares a server with multiple other scam-type platforms.

Capital Trade Hub review conclusion

In conclusion, we strongly advise you to stay away from Capital Trade Hub. There is no reason for you to deposit money into a scam platform. There are many other serious alternatives that you can consider for your trading activities. This Capital Trade Hube review was written for specifically this reason. People should no longer fall victim to these scams and we are here to warn them.

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