Binance review

3 thoughts on “Binance review

  1. So you now get these signal providers, along with say Coinbase where your Bitcoin wallet is held and thirdly the broker Binance.I don’t know seems the same as Binaries (one big &^%%#), the $250 opening amount reccommending more. Automated trading to, “your own individual market analyst and Senior Broker”. 80% accurate, why would I then need a broker “to teach me to become a trader”. These marketing selling tools where you get a good deal, and as you are about to close, you hear. “Wait folks there’ more, for an additional (and sometimes these figures are low- you start thinking whyyyyyy not) Do not do it , do not pass go. There does not appear to be Apps or API’s that connect my Crypto Signals provider with Binance. The Binance platform looks terribly complex and is difficult for me to work on, which means of course that it is probably a reliable platform!

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