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When a supposedly reputable online broker with a talent for fake marketing doesn’t even reveal its mother company on the website, there is a big problem. This is the case with Askobid and its extremely sketchy features. Besides that, this online broker has been blacklisted by the United Kingdom financial authorities and it is still working. This is a huge red flag that should make you avoid having anything to do with this SCAM broker.

In this Askobid review, we will be offering you all the necessary details that prove just how risky it is to trade with them.

Askobid is blacklisted by FCA

The online broker called Askobid is totally unregulated and has even been put on a blacklist by the Financial Conduct Authority from the United Kingdom. In fact, you can easily find their name on the official website of the authority. Like this wasn’t bad enough already, their website is fully anonymous. There isn’t any mother company listed, no headquarters, no address, no phone number, etc.

When you have the audacity to expect people to give you money as a trading broker you should at least provide some transparency. And if you think that this is just a mistake or an omission, think again. They had enough time to add those details to the website. Clearly, this is a SCAM service that is in no way reputable and extremely dangerous for anyone. Besides that, not displaying their headquarters makes it impossible for people to track them and get their money back.

This is a huge problem for them and for any eventual clients. It is also one that should make any trader run in the opposite direction. Moreover, the fact that this is not a regulated broker is certainly very visible at a first glance. You should never fall into that trap if you want to be a successful trader! Being an unregulated broker means putting your customers at great risk by exposing not only their personal information and bank details but also their money. Dangerous third parties can easily access these details and cause big problems for people.

Not worth your time, money, and effort

Giving your money to an unregulated broker when there are so many negative reviews online is clearly foolish. You will not have any profit by trading with Askobid because they have no plan on sending you the money. This is clearly stated in their incredibly bizarre policies concerning bonuses and withdrawals. In short, they can deny any withdrawal request without telling you the exact cause. They can also do it multiple times until you give up on trying to find them.

When it comes to the Askobid platform, it’s an equally sketchy one that cannot be found on other brokers’ websites. Again, this is another clear indication of just how dangerous this website is. As for spreads, they have a EUR/USD one of 2.9 which is incredibly disadvantageous for traders. As you can see, there is absolutely no reason at all to put your trust in Askobid. They do not even try to hide their sketchy business which is definitely proof of the fact that they’re a SCAM.

There are also huge inconsistencies on their website. For example, they state that the minimum required deposit is only 250 Euros. However, if you take a look at their most basic account type, you need to deposit at least 5,000 Euros to access it. Once more, they are caught in their own web of lies.

Getting your money back

There is something that any trader should do once they realize that this is a scam. That is to withdraw their money. Remember that your funds are never safe with such scammers. You might never get it back. Askobid will obviously try to delay your withdrawal process as much as possible so that they can keep your money for good. Make sure not to sign any documents because this could be bad news. Do not offer them written authorization to do whatever they want with your funds, in the form of your signature. They can also use it on your bank details and even steal money from your accounts.

When they refuse your withdrawal request, you can request a chargeback from your bank or card provider. Keep all documents and e-mails as proof that you were deceived by an unregulated online trading broker. Once multiple chargebacks are done, Askobid will no longer have the opportunity to collaborate with a payment service provider. This will hurt them the most. It will probably even close their business altogether once multiple such actions are performed.

Askobid – a SCAM

To sum it all up, the online broker called Askobid is definitely a SCAM and we DO NOT RECOMMEND collaborating with them. Their entire portfolio, website, and services are shady. They do not provide any transparency to their clients and don’t even try to hide that they will steal your money. Keep away from them and pick a serious and professional trading broker instead.


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