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If you are interested in buying or selling cryptocurrency, Singapore’s based ABCC exchange may match your trading expectations. Recently, ABCC has successfully expanded its business internationally and gained popularity in connection with the yearly growing user base. The article uses the standard concepts to describe the main advantages of the platform and its use.

The YeeCall President Lei Zhang acted as an advisor during the setup of the market’s template. This resulted in the establishment of leading companies in the crypto industry.

What is the ABCC?

The main objectives of the platform are to provide investors with “user-centric and frictionless experience”, and professional guidance on viable blockchain and crypto-trading. The major currencies include its token (AT), BTC, ETH, and USDT. At this time, ABCC offers aggressive spreads on 123 currency pairs and 73 coins.


ABCC keeps pace with financial innovations by promoting Trade-to-mine model in which coins are returned to a trader in proportion to the trading fees they contributed. Rebates are the rewards of Trade Mining approach; the token has a rich secondary market and is widely and repetitively used by traders.

The Trading Process

The trading process can be executed via Market Orders and Limit Orders. Market Orders are executed instantaneously; the exchange of cryptocurrency occurs automatically – an investor only has to enter the amount he/she wishes to buy or sell. Limit Orders are fulfilled at the limit price and repel following market price. The client has to set up price and wait for the market trades to hit it. The ABCC exchange has a 0,5% fee for the transaction.

The platform offers a lot of features for every trader. These include effective website governance and extensible functionality that enable an efficient interaction between the organization’s key stakeholders. Further, the exchange is optimized for mobile devices and has great recognition across social media platforms. ABCC’s SMM strategy is to provide clients with the latest market news, FX forecast, promotions etc.

Monetary Withdrawals

Withdrawals are carried out only on the funds management page. Go to section “Funds” in the upper right corner of the webpage and follow these steps:

Select the coins you want to withdraw
Enter the address you wish to withdraw the funds to
Enter the withdrawal amount
Click “Submit order”
Check your mailbox for a verification email and click the Withdrawal button


The important factors that require further work are margin trading option development and the common phenomenon of the exchange, that is keeping employees’ low profile. This practice triggers public outrage because the brokers have hundreds of well-specialized employees that deserve to be acknowledged and admired for their dedicated efforts in supporting investors.


Contrary, the company has managed to ensure customers safety by implementing some security features like protecting the confidentiality of the IP addresses of trustworthy clients or a cooling-off period after account data amendments. This sustains the confidence and trust of traders and builds a good reputation for the exchange.

To sum up, ABCC is a newer exchange that offers a significant number of currency pairs, executes efficient online trading, has its token and keeps updated on industry changes. Its token holders get unique perks like the ability to use it for covering transaction fees, take part in the ABCC members meetings and activities, and share 80% of the trading commissions. The company also represents a user-friendly interface platform, wide selection of cryptocurrency and step-by-step instruction for successful trade planning.