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Our regular cryptocurrency guide will provide you with information needed to invest with XBTCe exchange. This review covers four main aspects of the broker’s performance: general info, deposit methods, fees and security.  

What is xBTCe? 

xBTCe is a cryptocurrency exchange platform founded in 2015 by the group of enthusiastic financials. Today, xbtce.com is one of the fastest-growing Chinese exchanges in the industry. The platform’s top cryptocurrencies include BTC, DASH, ETH, and LTC. The rising coins that find their way to the platform are continuously monitored on the cryptocurrency market. XBTCe.com prides its highly advanced security setting.

xBTCe Trading Overview 

xbtce.com is unlike any other crypto trading setting. Apart from general transactions, the broker provides its users with a robust order book, a price chart of the cryptocurrency and order history. Traders can easily access these through cash and margin accounts. 

xBTCe Fees

This trading platform charges 0.25% per executed trade, which is the global industry average. You can also get a substantial fee discount (0.15%) as a maker. A withdrawal fee amounts to 0,003 BTC, which is above average in the industry. 

How to Trade on xBTCe Exchange

To make a trade on the xbtce exchange, the user has to first replenish the account. The amount deposited can be used to buy an equivalent of the amount in cryptocurrency. The trader then will use the acquired assets to make a trade when the time comes. It’s a game of chance, so both profits or losses are to be expected. If the trade is successful, the money is immediately transferred to the account, which can then be withdrawn by common methods provided above.

Is xBTCe safe?

The exchange did a hard job gaining its client’s trust through the provision of high-level security and smart API’s. It provides the clients with the real-time order book and history, adjustable trading graphs, and helpful guidance. There is an obligation for verification concerning negative minutes, which makes the monetary forms available for work. Overall, the level of security equals a global industry average.  


The benefits of the xBTCe exchange include a tight request book, a competing trading fees and a considerable discount for makers. The exchange is available in three different formats: Desktop Trader, Web Trader, and Mobile Trader. 

The main disadvantage is that US customers can not trade here. This is primarily due to regulatory reasons and administrative conditions in the USA. They are also no user reviews from the clients and no historical background provided by the company founders.