What is 3Commas

Зcommas is an automated tool for analyzing the state of the market and trade, helping traders to increase income, reduce the level of risks and losses. 

The 3Сommas platform was created in 2017 and provides access to the use of tools for manual trading Smart Trade and trading bots.

How Does 3Commas Exchange Work

At the moment, the website includes easy-to-use tools that are connected to popular trading platforms like EXMO, Huobi, Bitmex, By bit, Kisoin, Binance and others.

3Сommas works with the following tools for crypto traders:

  • Manual Trading with Smart Trade

It allows you to optimize the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies in one window, automatically set Stop-Loss and Take Profit orders, use the trailing mechanism when increasing the currency price, view charts and signals of the Trading View, sell coins in parts according to the Step Sell principle. It also supports the possibility of generating additional income in the event of an unexpected price drop – the Smart Cover mechanism.

  • Automated Trading with Trading Bot

It allows you to trade using technical indicators 24 hours a day. The difference between a simple or compound bot is the first one is designed to manage only one trading pair, and the second one is for several at once. Long and Short algorithms, signals for concluding different trades. The ability to analyze the settings of bots of other users of 3Commas and copy the most effective ones.

  • Portfolio management

You will have the opportunity to see the portfolio of other traders, copy, create, edit and work with automatic balancing.

For ease of use, the 3Commas platform is equipped with a number of additional features such as connecting notifications by e-mail or in a browser, subscribing to CQS Premium, Cartel Signals and others. Also, connection API and referral program. There are even applications for Android and i0S.

How To Trade On 3Commas

Signing up for 3Commas is not difficult. You can do this using your Facebook account or via email. Using email during registration, don’t forget to confirm it via the link sent to your email, otherwise after 48 hours access to your personal account will be limited. When registering, you can choose free access to a professional account.

Is 3Commas Safe?

To increase the security level of your account in your personal account, the client can configure two-factor authentication, update the billing address and check the IP address. All settings are voluntary since the service was originally conceived as an auxiliary one, offering paid software for the convenience of trading. The service stores API keys on a separate server in encrypted form. 

Services are provided by Trendlux OÜ. Registration code in the commercial register of companies in Estonia is 14125515. There is also an office in Canada.

Review results

3Commas is an interesting project in order to configure trading as conveniently as possible and to be able to work with several exchanges at once. The user can see the result of trading on one screen and control all transactions at once.

Among the shortcomings of the service is the weak security level of the client’s account, in particular, it is currently impossible to use the white list of IP addresses.


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