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To be clear, this is a 3Commas Review.

As a cryptocurrency-focused online trading platform, 3Commas aid customers through automated trading bots. Or, at least, this is what they claim to be doing. In our opinion, this broker is a scam that wants nothing more than to steal money from users, and sadly, there is a lot of them.

Because it’s so simplistic and apparently easy to use, many people fall into their trap and try trading bots for the first time without knowing how they actually work. They offer three plans called Starter, Pro, and Advanced through which they steal your money. Moreover, the first plan doesn’t even include trading bots so you are obliged to pay more if you want to use a feature that they claim is for everyone. Here are more details on why 3Commas is nothing else but a SCAM that we do not recommend!

3Commas is not regulated!

The broker called 3Commas is not a regulated one, a clear thing that people should notice upon taking a look at their official website. This is a huge problem and one that should make any customer think twice. It’s also bad for their image because the fact that this is not a regulated broker is certainly very visible at a first glance.

They do not explain anything related to regulations and are not transparent with their clients at all. You should never fall into their trap if you want to be a successful trader!

Being an unregulated broker means putting your customers at great risk by exposing not only their personal information and bank details but also their money. Dangerous third parties can easily access these details and cause big problems for people.

Unregulated brokers have a strategy through which they trick people into getting their money and personal info. People will first be persuaded through phone calls and/or e-mails to make an initial deposit, as all brokers require.

Also, certain deals and offers will be offered as a way into making people become their victims. Once the first deposit is made, you will end up in a cycle of scammers that will try to get money out of you by offering even more deals and to good to be true advantages.

The 3Commas interface is simplistic

When it comes to the 3Commas interface, called Smart trade, things do not seem so smart. This is a super simplistic platform that doesn’t offer details on what you should be doing, especially as a beginner. Again, this is a strategy to trick new traders and make them take the wrong steps only to get their money.

What about their bots?

The bots that 3Commas bases its entire business on are not working for the customer but for the platform. They are there to help them make money and not you. The first one is the Gordon bot that is already programmed so that it seems easy and quick to use. In reality, it is premade only to be used against you, your funds, and your personal information.

The Advanced bot is a bit more customizable but not to the point that you have full control over it. It’s just a smarter alternative when it comes to scamming people. Finally, the GRID bot is the newest one from 3Commas and claims to be the most advanced one. This doesn’t mean that it won’t do the same thing as the other ones. DON’T FALL into their trap just because these bots seem so highly advanced and cool!

Bizarre features

Moreover, their copy portfolios feature allows people to copy what is in another user’s portfolio and draw inspiration from there. This is a funny metaphor for what this broker is actually doing with your data and money. Nothing is safe and secure with them and your money will never be where you know it to be!

3Commas also allows people to link their accounts on other exchanges with the platform. This is truly unusual and while it may seem helpful, it further proves how unsafe this service actually is. They have control over your accounts at all times and you cannot do anything to stop this.

What’s even more bizarre is that 3Commas doesn’t even allow you to customize your bots if you have not linked your TradingView account first! This is their way of making sure that you only use what they offer you and that they can control your every move. Again, these schemes only prove that this is a SCAM that should not be trusted with your money!

Make your bad experience known!

Telling people about your bad experience with 3Commas can prove very useful.  You can do this by leaving honest reviews regarding your problems with this broker on various professional websites and telling your fellow traders what happened to you.

There is also a common strategy that these brokers use once they are revealed as scams. They change the address of their website and get in contact with old clients to convince them to fall victims once more. In case this happens to you too, do not hesitate to report them and let the world know who they truly are.


Helping people stay away from scam services like 3Commas is our duty and we are proud to inform and help you in any way we can. We definitely DO NOT recommend this SCAM platform because everything they do is a scam that is meant to steal your money and personal information. Be very careful when picking your broker if you want to be successful and have a safe and secure career. Always choose a professional and trustworthy platform to work with and signal all other services that seem sketchy and money-stealing!

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