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  1. Scammers who supposedly allow trading commodities with BTC but in reality is a company registered in the republic of Marhsall Island which is really cause for concern. This is an offshore jurisdiction and a hub for all sort of activities for tax evasion and so on – why do you think they chose it as their company registration I think 1broker is scam.

  2. The fact that company is registered in the Republic of Marshall Island does not make it an outright scam. But I would advise checking them more before making any deposit with them. The concept they utilize is quite interesting but what really lies there I have not checked nor have I heard any feedback about the

  3. WARNING!!!!!!
    Be very very careful with 1broker.com. They are definitely shady. For example, earlier this week when USD/TYR came market came live, they filled orders and then blacked out services for that pair for 30minites. The price fluctuated wildly, enough to capitalize on liquidations going both ways. You could not set a stop loss or exit your trade. Every other USD/TRY pair tracker was not blacked out during that period. This cost me a lot of money.

    I would not touch this shady off-shore business….

  4. its all a scam, i traded with different brokers, most of them disappear when you make withdrawal request, some of them will try to convince you not to withdraw and instead invest more while others will actually allow you withdraw a little amount so they can build your trust and after that they begin to make large requests.

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