Bitfinex denies allegations of money laundering involvement

Bitfinex is pushing back against accusations it is has something to do with a money laundering crisis in Poland.

As reported by  Tuesday, the cryptocurrency exchange service said that it carried out an “inside investigation of its international company,” and discovered no connection between its services and the two shell companies involved in defrauding the Belgian government and money laundering in Colombia.

The exchange said that “based on all available testimony and information it has decided that these accusations are false and unproven.”

The released statement read further that “Amid the claims under review, Bitfinex has not been involved in any official investigation conducted in any jurisdiction all over the world due to the allegations reported in the Polish media. This indicates that the relevant authorities have found no ground to act upon the allegations raised against the Bitfinex platform.”

Likewise, the exchange announced that no users have had problems logging in to their accounts or accessing their funds due to any possible law enforcement actions.

These reports first started earlier this week, when media outlets announced that police officers in Poland had reportedly seized the assets from two shell corporations.

The companies are accused of duping the Belgian government and operating with “a large online digital currency exchange.” However, officials did not name any particular exchanges.

International and local media outlets connected Bitfinex to the two shell companies. We will provide further updates on this subject once we have more details.

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