Ashton Kutcher Donates $4 Million in Crypto to Wildlife Charity

During the Ellen Degeneres Show, Thursday, May 24, tech investor and actor Ashton Kutcher donated 4 million dollars in Ripple (XRP) to Ellen Degeneres’ Wildlife Fund live

His business partner and manager to Madonna, U2, Kutcher and Guy Oseary, as well as Amy Schumer among others, gave Ellen the generous donation on behalf of the Ripple Network.

Kutcher had previously been recognized for his interest in digital currencies, as he and Oseary manage A-Grade Investments, a venture fund, which has invested in Sound Ventures and BitPay, and, which has invested in the Ripple Network.

Kutcher, who shocked Ellen with the contribution, said that since XRP was a digital currency, they could bypass the “big giant check thing:”

“We can really transfer the donation into Rwandan francs right now, right here, and all we have to do is press this button, and the funds are in your account.”

Ellen Degeneres had talked about digital assets on her show in the past when she tried to describe Bitcoin (BTC) to her audience by relating it to a goat that “doesn’t exist anywhere apart from that Internet:”

“Nobody really understands how it works. Nobody. Everybody’s talking about Bitcoin, and nobody gets it. It’s just like a plot twist in a confusing movie.”

According to data from CoinMarketCap, XRP is up almost 2 percent over a 24 hour period, trading at about $0.62 to press time.

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