6 Real Estate Investment Must Reads

Real estate investing has sparked a global rush and already made millions of happy stakeholders. Everybody looking for ways to make passive income, and estate investing appears to be the most promising option. In this review, we will look at six books on real estate investment that help investors better understand the subject and employ the strategy in their own investing.

The real estate isn’t directly correlated to the market fluctuations, so while market spikes can be intimidating, real estate investments are considered to lead to greater stability in cash flow. Investing requires great financial planning practice and deep investigation; these need to be fully considered before embarking upon a professional approach.

The best way to comprehend the basics of investment is to deepen your understanding through coaching books, finance classes, investing workshops, webinars etc. Though many investing influencers share valuable and practical knowledge, some of the best practices are better absorbed from reads. Instead of having to cough up the dough for a seminar that may turn out to be ineffective, better research respected books and make better use of proven strategies. Generally, these are tested concepts of those investors who share proven techniques to encourage action necessary for successful investment. But which books to choose from? Here are the most recent and read-worthy options to help you navigate every stage of your investing journey.

Best Common Sense: “The Intelligent Investor”

Benjamin Graham enjoyed a successful professor career and has built a reputation of the most renowned and influential investor. What’s remarkable is that his book is not intended to prejudge the necessary positive outcomes of investment, nor it contains putative guidance on the ease of the investing; it is rather about the realities of the real estate world, including possible pitfalls along the way. Although Graham covers the topic with an encouraging approach, the knowledge he shares reflects both the pros and cons of the industry. This book represents an excellent survey and a comprehensive tutorial and is best suited for young investors with little experience. “The Intelligent Investor” was first published in 1949, and Warren Buffett noted it to be the most accurate value-investing book of all time, “the bible of stock analysis”.

Best Overall: “The Essays of Warren Buffett”

The book was published in 2015; it arranges Buffett’s daily diary that spans more than 50 years. Warren covers the essentials of company-shareholder relationship and reveals business strategies needed to survive your first year in real estate. By 2017, his earnings estimated $81.1 billion. The lifelong experience of such a professional is invaluable and thus has to be shared with those aspirated by real estate investing. “The Essays of Warren Buffett” is a well-written business essay which proposes useful tips needed to succeed on the market.

Best General Real Estate Investing Book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” deals with building and growing capital by investing in physical assets, such as small businesses. Robert T. Kiyosaki discloses a basic approach for investing in real estate and smart managing of personal assets. He emphasizes the importance of cultivating a wealth mindset that will guide you through financing.

A wealth mindset is comprised of strong analytical skills and deliberate investment decision to keep a certain level of secure and stable financial standing. The essentials of developing it involve deep examination of basic economic phenomena. To figure out the umbrella theme, you have to consider an asset from a different perspective. The best is to define it as a profit generator, rather than something with value. If you’re looking for a differentiated approach and expert guidance on investment basics, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is one of the top picks for the best trading books in 2020.

Best for Rental Property Beginners: The Book on Rental Property Investing

One of the best books on rental investments for beginners, written by celebrated scalper and chief executive of BiggerPockets.com, Brandon Turner, examines the ins and outs of rental property investing. In this treatise, you will learn how to set an achievable goal, spot hot deals, manage your rental payments etc. Turner explains everything you need to know about rental investments and how to maximize your profit. The book also draws the reader’s attention to the troubling aspects of rental investments and teaches how to not spill the beans. If you’re looking for an investment manual that sheds the light on the common practice of actionable investing tips, this book is by far, a “must-read” that will lift your spirit.

Best for Flippers: The Book on Flipping Houses

In case you are interested in a short and sweet investment journey, without making high-risk investments, you should check out J Scott’s book. Scott’s is known as a professional reseller who applies an effective strategy on renovating and flipping properties without spending the dime. “The Book on Flipping Houses” escorts you through the global real estate market and is a well-written counselling on property reselling in general. Find out how to investigate potential markets for financing a rehab property and restoring it on the market. In case you’ve little experience of flipping, the book will catch you up fairly quickly.

Best for REIT Investors: The Intelligent REIT Investor

REIT is a company owning and operating real estate with a stable and positive profit. Generally, REIT’s provide investors with dividend income and relieve them of physical presence required to build direct communication with a tenant. This book addresses a “Hands-off” approach that is urgent and popular with investors interested in major stock exchanges and valuable real estate.

The REIT companies invest in a broad range of real estate property types, including infrastructure, apartments, warehouses, medical centres, hotels etc. Specifically, the authors reveal the conception of companies’ service that is a concise guide to wealth-growing planning, based on your investment goals. “The Intelligent REIT Investor” navigates through different types of REIT’s and provides information on selective methods needed to choose from the best industrial companies. This book is a useful tool for financial planners who prefer a dividend-based income to a gamble. 


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