2FA Google Authenticator

What is 2FA?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a process of user authentication during an authorization that uses two different types of authentication data.

When you enter the personal account of a site, 2 stages of confirmation are used. The first stage, as a rule, is a pair of email or username and password. The second one, for example, maybe a one-time verification SMS code or a code from the Google Authenticator application. This Google app on your phone will allow you to create two-step verification codes.

2FA is designed to provide more reliable protection for your account. For example, to enter your personal account, in addition to the password, the user will need to enter a confirmation code.

Connect 2FA on the Binance crypto platform

In order to connect 2FA on the Binance, you can go to the user center, the icon in the upper right corner. If you have not yet connected 2FA, then the platform will prompt you to do this in a pop-up window. You can also go to the “Settings”, tap on “Two-factor authentication” and switch it to “On”.

The other way to connect 2FA is to follow these simple steps.

The first thing to do is download the Google Authenticator app and click “Next Step”. Then on the cryptocurrency exchange website, you will receive a QR code and a code of 16 characters.

After you open the application on your smartphone, the “Add Account” tab will appear. You will be offered the choice to enter a key or scan a QR code. After this, your account will be added. 

The platform will prompt you to write somewhere the 16-character code. If you do not do this, then you may have difficulty logging into your Binance account.

And finally, you will need to enter the password for entering the Binance crypto exchange, which was indicated during registration, authorization, and code from the app.

Pay attention to the blue circle on the right in the app – it’s like a timer. It is necessary to enter the code on the crypto exchange before the time runs out. Otherwise, the code will change, the old one will no longer be valid.

After activating 2FA on the Binance crypto exchange, you will still need to enter your password and email to enter, then you will also need to specify the code.

2FA is an additional security factor for your platform account. It will confirm your identity and protect funds and personal information from hackers. In this article, we told you how to connect and use 2FA from Google using the example of the Binance platform. Also, if you need to enable this authorization in any other service, then the principle and sequence of actions are the same everywhere.


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